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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Random Shots for Wednesday, 4 January 2017

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    I have no idea how that site picks whose pictures to put up, or how to arrange them. It’s one of those that doesn’t ask you any questions, just asks you to click the “Login with Facebook” button, then it generates this sort of post for your Facebook wall.

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    Why is it that former Greenpeace bigwig Patrick Moore supports nuclear energy and says that carbon dioxide isn’t a problem?

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    So when do the Democrats who keep telling us that they want to “rein in the corporations” pull the plug on stuff like this?

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    I can still remember when they came out with the ban on people with convictions for domestic violence misdemeanors possessing firearms, and the standard exemption for government employees had been stripped out of it. I was in the NM Army National Guard at the time, the battery commander spoke up at one afternoon formation and told us, “If you have a conviction, better tell us now, because you’ll really get it if we have to find out about from someone else.”

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    And the State of New York seeks to add the “Brass Pipeline” to the “Iron Pipeline,” the “Coca Pipeline,” the “Opioid Pipeline,” and so forth.

    All these sorts of prohibitionist statutes and regulations do is create more opportunities for organized crime.

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    Apparently, Wester thinks that it’s OK to blow off “Thou shall not steal” when you get government to do the dirty work of the actual theft for you. Otherwise, why would he be supporting all of these tax-funded legal vote-buying schemes?

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    What’s to stop the bad guys from having a friend or family member buy a case of ammo (500-1000 rounds) and bring it into New York in the trunk of their car? Thus the “Brass Pipeline” is added to the “Iron Pipeline” (“weapons trafficking” as the victim disarmers call it), as well as bringing in politically-unsanctioned plant products (“narcotics trafficking” as the Deep State fetishists say) and such.

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