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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Random Shots for Saturday, 3 December 2016

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  1. WIBC 93.1 FM Re: Should Congress Finally Deregulate “Silencers” in 2017?

    About nukes —

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    Ish Calleros
    December 2nd at 1:03amEl Paso, TX

    You may not know this, but just apply 1% of thinking power you possess to realize that if you voted at all, that means that you wish to impose your will upon a minority. You hope 51% of people feel as you do so that you can dominate the other 49%. Any election results in one of 2 outcomes: YOU WIN! YAY! You now get to impose your views on half of society. Or . . . YOU LOSE! BOOOO!!! Now half of society gets to impose its will upon you. Democracy is a failed system right from the start. Somebody gonna eat, and somebody gonna get eaten. What would happen if NOBODY voted? Introduce a little anarchy . . . all of a sudden, a populace realizes, well shit, do we even NEED a government? What for? What legitimate reason do we need to be ruled for? What if we we’re all free? All of us?
    Anarchy is the only system which addresses the needs of every majority AND even the smallest minority: the individual. Google these terms: Anarcho capitalism, agorism, voluntarism. Google these names: Bastiat, Rothbard, Spooner and Mises.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. W.A.S.P. –

         Kill Fuck Die


  2. WIBC 93.1 FM [Indiana] – Should Congress Finally Deregulate “Silencers” in 2017? by Guy Relford
  3. Logic Earth – The SR-91 Aurora aircraft
  4. The Art of ManlinessWhat to Do in an Active Shooter Situation by Brett and Kate McKay
  5. NewsBusters from the Media Research Center [MRC] – Feminist Journalist: Sex Will ‘Get A Lot Less Fun’ Under Trump by Matthew Balan
  6. Conservative Daily PostFinal Battle Brewing As Confirmed Terrorist Training Camps Within U.S. Protected, Arming For Jan 20 by Asia Mayfield
  7. The FederalistJim Webb Addresses America’s Elites, Donald Trump, And Foreign Policy In Keynote
  8. ReasonHit & Run: Ohio State Knife Attacker Abdul Artan Was Taking a Class About Microaggressions by Robby Soave
  9. The InterceptUnofficial Sources: Anti-Muslim Activist Katharine Gorka Named to Homeland Security Transition Team by Alex Emmons and Lee Fang
  10. Movieclips Coming Soon – Chappie Movie CLIP – Real Gangster (2015) – Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel Robot Movie HD
  11. The Los Angeles TimesOfficials fear up to 40 dead in fire during concert at Oakland warehouse by Russ Mitchell, Peter H. King, Liam Dillon, Tracey Lien, and Paige St. John
  12. Bearing ArmsBad*ss New Bullpup: the Lithgow Arm F90 Atrax by Bob Owens
  13. Military Arms ChannelLithgow Arms USA F90 Atrax bullpup

Questions and Answers

  1. Posted to Facebook, Quora and Twitter

    Q: Why are guns legal in USA?

    A: Because they are.

    Because significant portions of us Americans prefer them to be legal and commonly available.

    Frankly, the question “Why are guns legal in USA?” presumes that guns should not be legal by default, and America’s Second Amendment, which doesn’t grant any right to own and carry weapons, but rather is supposed to protect a pre-existing natural right of all human beings, is some sort of depraved anomaly in dire need of correction.

    The fact is, where the rest of the planet is concerned, the Second Amendment is something of an anomaly. I dispute the notion that it needs to be repealed, or otherwise done away with.

    I counter by saying that the world’s depraved standard of denying that right is what needs correcting.

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