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Friday, 11 November 2016

Random Shots for Friday, 11 November 2016

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    ‘”progressives” are about to rediscover those values for a little while.’

    If you don’t look too close and your standards aren’t anything resembling middle to high.

    D vs R politics is the “real-world” version of the WWE — when the Ds cheat, the Rs boo and hiss. Then when the Rs cheat, the Rs cheer, because the Ds had it coming. And vice versa — when the Rs cheat, the Ds get pissed, when the Ds cheat, the Ds are OK with it because the Rs had it coming.

    What are they both really about?

    1. Getting their people into as many public offices as they can, and retaining their incumbents.
    2. Using those officeholders to milk everyone else using the laws, regulations, etc. — using the tax and regulatory systems to give their friends and sponsors a leg up or to shut down the competition, giving jobs and contracts to their friends and sponsors, etc.
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    Foreign object damage (FOD) isn’t fun the next day.

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    For starters —

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    “. . . . it’s gonna be a long 4 years.”

    It’s been a long 22 years, going on 26 years, for me. Suck it up, buttercup.

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    I recently unfriended and blocked Mr. Thompson due to an exchange (screenshots are available upon request) :

    Michael Thompson Who ever made this post originally is uneducated.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 2 ⋅ November 6 at 9:24pm

    Mike Blessing How so?
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 1 ⋅ November 6 at 9:24pm

    Michael Thompson He was arrested and convicted
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 1 ⋅ November 6 at 9:26pm

    Mike Blessing “He was arrested and convicted”

    Read the text above the picture.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:27pm

    Matt Owens He did read the text above it. Thats why Michael said “originally “
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 7 at 5:53am

    Michael Thompson And he was never arrested nor convicted post WW2 because he was dead. Mike, I never missed your shows on public access channel 27. But your act has grown old and the NM Libertarian Party is stale.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 1 ⋅ November 6 at 9:30pm

    Mike Blessing Show me how to do it better then.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 1 ⋅ November 6 at 9:31pm

    Michael Thompson The party can’t afford me.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 1 ⋅ November 6 at 9:34pm

    Mike Blessing Oh?
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:34pm

    Michael Thompson Yes
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:36pm

    Mike Blessing What would you bring to the table that the party can’t afford?
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:37pm

    Michael Thompson Does the state party have any staff on salary?
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:40pm

    Mike Blessing Not yet. Still, what do you bring to the table?
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:41pm

    Michael Thompson Yet? LOL. NEVER!
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:43pm

    Mike Blessing You didn’t answer the question:

    What would you bring to the table that the party can’t afford?
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:43pm

    Michael Thompson I’m not discussing my qualifications and background on a public forum as Facebook.
    Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:48pm

    Mike Blessing Ah, OK.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:49pm

    Michael Thompson You can send a private message of you really want to know and include the yearly salary.
    Reply ⋅ November 6 at 9:51pm

    Elizabeth Honce You’re such a dedicated libertarian you only work for pay. Sounds to me like you’re a hack.
    Like ⋅ Reply ⋅ 2 ⋅ November 7 at 7:38am

    Michael Thompson I was and proud of it.
    Reply ⋅ November 7 at 12:21pm

    This was followed by an exchange of private messages about 15 minutes ago:

    Michael Thompson 2:45pm

    I never received that message about salary lol

    Mike Blessing 2:46pm

    What stopped you from sending me a resume or CV via private message?

    Michael Thompson 2:49pm

    U didn’t ask for a resume. What’s the salary? Like you have any say in those matters. What is the state party’s long and short term fundraising plan? How do I locate the party fiscal status?

    Mike Blessing 2:54pm

    I publicly asked you what your qualifications are.

    As for salary, that’s dependent on the experience, talents, etc., as well as Party’s finances.

    Without seeing a resume or CV from you, the salary is ZERO.

    As for the Party’s fundraising plans and fiscal status, I’m not at liberty to disclose that to anyone who isn’t a full dues-paying, pledge-signing member in good standing.

    Michael Thompson 2:57pm

    I do not discuss my professional qualifications over a social media site. How unprofessional of you to even ask. Never mind about the finances. I can find it on my own. It is public record.

    Mike Blessing 3:02pm

    OK, have a nice life then.

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    The interesting thing about this data is that the Johnson campaign did well in places where the LPNM has never had any sort of presence that I’ve seen to date (since 1995):

    Cibola County — 11%
    Guadalupe County — 13%
    Harding County — 10%
    McKinley County — 11%
    Torrance County — 10-11%

    All of these areas were above the statewide average of 9.34%.

    And we didn’t take from just Democrats or just Republicans —

    Guadalupe County — Clinton 53.1%, Trump 32.6%
    Harding County — Clinton 29.6%, Trump 59%

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    Javier Gonzales is the mayor of Santa Fe, not Albuquerque. Richard Berry is too busy building his pet projects to tax soft drinks.

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    If there’s a way to knock New Mexico to #51 on the lists where it’s good to be #1, and above #1 on the lists where it’s good to be #50, I have no doubts that the DPNM will find it.

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    Instead of ditching the Electoral College, require that the presidential and vice presidential candidates win BOTH the nationwide popular vote AND the Electoral College.

    And have the vice-presidential candidates run a separate campaign.

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    Yep. In this case, it’s mobs in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco trying to be the rulers.

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    Wait til Jones pops a blood vessel while he’s shouting at someone.

    A press secretary who spends the day drooling on himself isn’t really good for the job.

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    The electors are elected separately using the party’s internal apparatus, and usually aren’t the Senators and Representatives.

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    Your home is your safe space, as much as the laws of physics will allow. (It won’t stop a Chixulub type of impact, for example.)

    “The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail – its roof may shake – the wind may blow through it – the storm may enter – the rain may enter – but the King of England cannot enter – all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!”— William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, Speech on the Excise Bill, House of Commons (March 1763)

    At the same time, my home is MY safe space.

    See, while most libertarians and a good bit of the conservatives will agree with the sentiment that “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours,” most of the hoplophobes and victim disarmer types have the attitude of “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable (and ultimately mine)” where life, liberty property, money, pursuit of happiness, really anything is concerned.

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    If he really wants to build a wall, he should build it around DC, where the real criminals are — street thugs are pikers by comparison. Think Escape from New York.

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