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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Random Shots for Thursday, 10 November 2016

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    Albert Perez
    November 10, 2016 at 12:23am

    As for my opinion of Trump as a person, we are not just f-bombed, we are f-MRVed (and if you don’t get the reference that tells you how much better things have gotten since the Cold War ended).

    As for my opinion of how he got elected, if you choose to blow off the white blue collar worker because he is too white, too uneducated, or too not people like us don’t complain when he comes out and votes for someone like Trump. The redneck is a hardworking, conservative, and loving person, given a chance. He, and his Black and Brown brothers, are the folks who built this country, the farmers, factory workers, construction workers, and yeah, the cable guys, who built this country, the soldiers we send to war to defend the rest of us, yet we have systematically despised, demonized, and marginalized him since the Sixties. Surprise, Tuesday 8 November he struck back. Rednecks are also capable of being rigid, unforgiving, and clannish bigots, Trump got their vote appealing to this part of their nature. Hopefully they will answer to the better angels of their natures during the time we survive Trump. But if an elitist intelligentsia in the media, government, and academia keep treating him like trash don’t be surprised if he answers to his worst demons.

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    That, too, in addition to the fact that Hillary gives every indication that for her, the purpose of government isn’t to defend the lives, liberties, properties and pursuit of happiness of her constituents, but to micromanage and nanomanage the lives of everyone who isn’t in her personal clique for that clique’s benefit.

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    Instead of trashing the electoral college in order to replace it with a national popular vote, I would require that a prospective candidate explicitly needs to win BOTH the popular vote AND the electoral college.

    Or we could have the vice presidential candidates run a wholly separate campaign from the presidential campaign.

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    Out of the 61.61% of the electorate that actually showed up this year, 48.26% of them voted for the Hillzabeast.

    In other words, Hillzilla can count on 29.74% of the electorate as her supporters.

    Instead of tossing the Electoral College in the trash, which would lead to smaller-population states like New Mexico being ruled from New York City and Los Angeles, let’s instead require that a candidate has to win BOTH the Electoral College AND the nationwide popular vote to win the presidency.


    Require that a candidate win a majority of congressional districts AND a majority of states IN ADDITION to winning the nationwide popular vote.

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    Jim Williamson — Then nominate a Ron Paul clone — best bet there is Justin Amash — for president in 2020, and you won’t have to worry so much about the Libertarian candidate “stealing” votes from the Republican candidate.

    I heard this in 2012, as well, that Johnson caused Romney to lose the White House. GOOD! I hope to see many, many more Democrats with an (R) after their names have their elections spiked by the LP.

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    And make sure to seize their servers and file cabinets. Let’s see what’s been going on inside the UN since 1945.

    Then they can move the UN headquarters to downtown Atlantis. Or Lemuria. Whatever.

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    RPGs, SMAWs, Carl Gustav M3A1s — so many choices.

    And then there’s the M79, M203, M320, GP25 and GP34 . . .

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    “7 likes for 7 voters !!”

    More like 73,670 voters, according to the Secretary of State’s website.

    If there’s a way we can fuck things up for the RNC or DNC, we’re glad to do it.

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    “sorry don’t find any humor in trying to screw up a country running a joke for a candidate….”

    Sorry, I don’t find any legitimacy in trying to screw up a country running a fraud as a candidate . . .

    As both the DNC and RNC have been doing for decades.

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    I’d like to start a Golden Fishhook Award for those that think the DNC and RNC are actually about supporting and defending concepts like individual liberty, free markets, limited government or fiscal restraint.

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    Just like Obama indicted Bush and Cheney, and Bush indicted Clinton and Janet Reno.

    Republicans don’t indict Democrats political crimes often, because Democrats don’t indict Republicans for political crimes often. And vice versa. Each whitewashes the others’ misdeeds with the expectation that the favor will be returned in the future, because all too often, it is returned.

    It’s an exclusive club, and neither one of us is in it.

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    And this time, you have no grounds to snivel and whine that “you Liberaltairains stole votes from us!!!!!!”

    This time, that’s the job of the Clintonazis.

    And I’ll tell them to fuck off, just the same as I did to the Romney-roids (think hemorrhoids, only with less principles) back in 2012.

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    Don’t forget to chant into the mirror “Reince Priebus cares about me” one hundred times before bed and after waking up in the morning.

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    More to the point, imagine living in the gray areas and having to do whatever the people in the blue zones tell you to do. And facing jail time, seizure of everything you own, even being killed for resisting if you don’t do it willingly.

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