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Monday, 7 November 2016

Random Shots for Monday, 7 November 2016

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Today in history

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    Yep. But seriously — this IS Michael Moore we’re talking about here. Did you expect anything else from him?

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    I’ve been reading “this is the one that will do her in” from Wikileaks since they started with the emails from her home server. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth.

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    What are you going to do, Dirk? Report me to Minitrue for doubleplus ungoodthink?

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    There was an American secessionist movement in 1861. How well did that one work out?

    The DC Imperials aren’t much different from the Mafia or street gangs — once you’re part of their system, they’re hell-bent against you leaving it.

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    It doesn’t invalidate it, but Lincoln didn’t have to worry about operations in other parts of the world, as the Brits did in the 1770s and 1780s. Lincoln was able to concentrate his forces on the War of Northern Aggression.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Russia Today [RT] – Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)
  2. InverseGoogle’s A.I. Learns How to Encrypt Itself by Nathaniel Mott
  3. Euromaidan PRAncestors of Irish people originated from present-day Ukraine by Maria Nesheva
  4. Worlds MOST FEARED DARPA Technology for US Military (Message to world) 2016
  5. Zero HedgeHillary Cleared As FBI Folds Again: Comey Says “No New Conclusions” After Clinton Email Review by Tyler Durden
  6. The Resistance: The Last Line of DefenseWikileaks Gives Hillary An Ultimatum: QUIT, Or We Dump Something Life-Destroying
  7. Politicus USAChris Christie Facing 10 Years In Prison As Summons Issued For Misconduct In Office by Jason Easley
  8. TruthFeedVIDEO : Bernie Supporter Hijacks Hillary Crowd and Tells them NOT to Vote For Her by Amy Moreno
  9. ObserverBernie Sanders Abandons Clinton in Final Week by Michael Sainato
  10. American ColumnNever A Dull Moment In Russia
  11. PollHype25 People That Are So Outrageous You Won’t Believe They Really Exist!
  12. The War on Guns by David Codrea – This Would Make a for an Apt ‘Twilight Zone’ Episode Treatment
  13. The Washington PostJanet Reno, former U.S. attorney general, dies at 78 by Stephanie Hanes
  14. Reason

         Bill Weld Gives Up On His Ticket by Shikha Dalmia

         Seattle Animal Control Accessing Grocery Purchase Data Looking for Evidence of Unlicensed Pets by Scott Shackford

         Hit & Run: 3 Libertarian Party Races to Watch (Besides the Presidential Ticket) by Brian Doherty

  15. Queensrÿche – Hear in the Now Frontier
  16. Quiet Riot – Alive and Well
  18. WLS 7 TV [ABC affiliate, Chicago, IL] – BBQ collected for needy thrown out, covered in bleach
  19. Cop BlockVIDEO: Bowling Green Man Arrested by Police for Working Without Permission

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Friday’s Bizarre Phone Call

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Friday afternoon (4 November 2016), I received a call from a Hillary Clinton supporter (calling from a private number) who complained about a robocall from the Gary Johnson campaign. The caller then proceeded to ramble on for 57 minutes about Gary being too stoned and narcissistic to be a good little Buddhist Democrat, that Gary was “stealing votes” from Hillzilla, along with side rants about Susana Martinez, Trump, the GOP in general, the Albuquerque Journal, and Ralph Nader (for “stealing votes” from Gore in 2000).

The caller also stated that Gary didn’t climb Mt. Everest as he said he did (and took pictures from the summit), that he was a lousy governor of New Mexico, didn’t do anything but say “no” to well-meaning “progressive” legislation that was “for the children,” that no one pays any attention to her “because I’m white,” that Susana Martinez was elected as Governor in 2010 solely on the strength of her last name, among other things.

I have the app “Automatic Call Recorder” installed on my LG K7, but it turns out that the app is the app equivalent of dogshit, as I discovered when I tried to copy the saved call from my phone to Facebook, WordPress or my laptop’s hard drive.


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