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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Random Shots for Sunday, 6 November 2016

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Today in history

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    Aren’t Democrats supposed to be supporting marijuana re-legalization now? Or is it that they’re the only ones allowed to support it in their minds?

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    Didn’t the LP get a raw deal by nominating Mr. Bill?

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    “All but one person I know is voting Mr. T.”

    A president who doesn’t have a Mohawk haircut or isn’t wearing fifty pounds of gold chains and feathered earrings isn’t a president at all.

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    How many more votes here will Dumpster Fire get than Hillzilla?

    #feelthefire #feeltheburn #votedumpsterfire #hillzilla

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    Actually, the whacked-out, clownish Austrian did serve time in prison (about nine months) following his conviction for treason in relation to the Munich Beer Hall Putsch.

    Has Hillary served so much as an hour in jail for the home-based server, through which quite a few classified email messages passed?

    Never mind that there have been quite a few military personnel sentenced to prison time for much lesser crimes.

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    Hey, Dirk, did you read the text above the picture?

  7. Posted to Facebook

    Yes, he was. And sentenced to five years for it, but only served nine months.

    Apparently, Mr. Dirk didn’t bother reading the text I typed in above the picture.

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    False assumption on your part (that I’m a Trump supporter).

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    And Hitler wasn’t a right winger at all — “Nazi” is a contraction for “National Socialist.”

    Both Trump and Hillary qualify for that label (national socialist).

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    I’m still waiting for my checks from the Koch brothers and Wall Street. In the mean time, care to guess to which candidate Wall Street has contributed the most?

    Here’s a hint — it’s not Trump, it’s not Jill Stein, and it isn’t Gary Johnson.

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    And look at how many members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Stalin had imprisoned and executed.

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    You’re the one who said “You are too hung up on the name.” You tell me.

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    No, “Uncle Tomism” is blacks (and anyone else who isn’t a slave owner) voting for Democrats. After all, the KKK started off as a Democrat-controlled organization in 1866. One of Hillary’s best buds, Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, used to be in the Klan leadership.

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    It’s my Facebook Wall. Last time I checked, I’m allowed to “spew” (post) pretty much whatever I feel like. No one is forcing you to read it.

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    Again, I never claimed to be a Trump supporter.

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    “I should hope not.”

    Should I interpret that as a threat of sorts?

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    For what’s worth, there’s a Hillary supporter trying to give me shit on a recent post of mine.

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    Why am I being mysterious about what?

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    How so?

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    Show me how to do it better then.

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    What would you bring to the table that the party can’t afford?

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    Not yet. Still, what do you bring to the table?

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    You didn’t answer the question:

    What would you bring to the table that the party can’t afford?

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    Ah, OK.

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    Now there’s a guy who wants me to PM him for his resume and desired salary for him to show me how to be a liberty advocate.

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    I haven’t seen any of this signage at the store by Coors and I-40. They don’t have any sort of alcohol sales on the premises.

  28. Posted to Diaspora*, Ello, Facebook (here, here, here, here, here, and here),, and Tea Party Community

    Love the cognitive dissonance!

    H/T The Art of Not Being Governed

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    Refer to the X-Files episode titled “Home.”

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    What I really dislike is when people delete all their posts so it looks like you’re talking to yourself, in other words, gaslighting. Anyone does that to me, they get blocked.

    Now I’m in the habit of taking screenshots of conversations like that.

Listening / Reading / Watching

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  3. Steve PieczenikThe Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States
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  5. Andromeda
  6. James Naugle – A Real Discussion About Guns: “They’re not coming for your guns!”
  7. Backwoods Home MagazineWE ARE DIMINISHED . . . by Massad Ayoob
  8. The Washington Post

         The Volokh Conspiracy: Don Kates, the father of the modern Second Amendment revival, has died by Eugene Volokh

         The Plum Line: If he loses, Trump will continue spreading destruction and mayhem. This chart shows how. by Greg Sargent

         Post Nation: ‘Learn your manners,’ a white man wrote to his black neighbor. This was the response. by Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

  9. Twist The KnifeClinton Supporters Exist In A Universe Of Pure Ethical Abstraction by Rob Cotton
  10. PoliticoWeld: Clinton has gotten ‘a pretty raw deal’ by Madeline Conway
  11. Accept –

         Blood of the Nations


  12. The Libertarian EnterpriseNumber 897, 6 November 2016
  13. Diply19 Diabolical Office Pranks That Will Make You Scared To Take A Sick Day for Tesuto by julia.letts
  14. Russia Today [RT] – Secret World of US Election: Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

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