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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Random Shots for Thursday, 3 November 2016

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    From the article:

    “Defense attorneys cited combat stress, drug dependency and traumatic brain injury among the reasons for the former soldiers’ poor judgment in taking the rocket — which could have detonated with one wrong move — off post and then keeping it in their homes.”

    Was this an unexploded rocket that had been fired from the launching tube?

    Who in their right mind picks up something like that and takes it home?

    If it wasn’t, then the lawyers need some basic instruction as to what makes an anti-tank weapon dangerous. If it’s still in the launch tube, it’s OK.

    Finally, on the one-in-a-quadrillion (10^15 — quintillion is 10^18) chance that Gary Johnson actually wins the White House, Gary needs to demonstrate having some balls for a change and pardon these guys, because mere possession of explosives and “destructive devices” doesn’t hurt anyone by itself.

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    I tried to log into Google again today, and got the same error message. So I replied in the given box —

    ‘An explanation about specifics of the “perceived violation of either the Google Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service” would be appreciated. What did I do that’s wrong, or appears to be wrong?’

    Still waiting for a response from Google.

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