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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Idiot of the Day for Wednesday, 2 November 2016

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The Idiot of the Day is one Bill Tallman.

While browsing Facebook, I received a notification that a picture had been posted —

I dunno about you guys, but this is probably the most compelling ad I’ve ever gotten in the mail during election season.. Only problem for the sender is that it makes me want to vote for the person they are attempting a hit piece on, lol.. Doesn’t it make her actually sound really great?! Might make Hannah register and vote for her.. Thought and opinions very welcome!

When I asked the guy who posted the picture (an an-cap sort) who sent it to him, he replied —

Bill Tallman, the Democrat opponent, strangely enough, clearly a confusion campaign aimed at confused Republicans

The he followed up with this —

He knocked on our door about a month ago, and I chatted him up for about 30 or 40 minutes. He’s completely oblivious about libertarian perspectives on issues. I gave him a copy of Bastiat’s The Law.

Furthermore, I as a partisan Libertarian have no problems endorsing Lisa Torraco for re-election to her State Senate seat (District 18 [1]).


  1. I’m in District 26, a Democrat safe seat.
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