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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Random Shots for Wednesday, 2 November 2016

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Today in history

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    Well, there’s the Tea Party, and the astro-turf Coffee Party probably set up by the DNC as a response to the Tea Party.

    Next Wednesday, Mr. Bill (see can return to his beloved Cocktail Party.

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    Some in the LP are worried about the sudden influx of new people as a result of the Johnson campaign, that the newbies won’t understand or care about the libertarian message.

    I submit that Mr. Bill is a good litmus test for them — any of them that stick up for his antics during this campaign season are unsuitable for membership.

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    I can agree with one-sixth of what Miller advocates in the article (re-legalizing marijuana). The rest, not so much.

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    Pornhub’s version of a horror flick?

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         Balls to the Wall

         Best of Accept

         Metal Heart

         Russian Roulette

         Eat the Heat

         Objection Overruled

         Death Row


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  4. AMC – Batman Begins
  5. – A circle of love for New Mexico children by Carol Miller
  6. The FederalistThe Alt-Right Is Proof We’re In Late-Stage Socialism by Robert Zubrin
  7. Queensrÿche – Hear in the Now Frontier
  8. AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

         LGBTQ Woman Arrested, Denied Lawyer & Feminine Hygine Products Over Legal Firearms by Duncan Johnson

         Hillary’s Watergate? by Pat Buchanan

  9. National GeographicSurviving the Fall of ISIS by James Verini, photographs by Moises Saman
  10. The War on Guns by David Codrea – We Have a Contender
  11. IMDbStars Join Forces To Ban Guns

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Idiot of the Day for Wednesday, 2 November 2016

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The Idiot of the Day is one Bill Tallman.

While browsing Facebook, I received a notification that a picture had been posted —

I dunno about you guys, but this is probably the most compelling ad I’ve ever gotten in the mail during election season.. Only problem for the sender is that it makes me want to vote for the person they are attempting a hit piece on, lol.. Doesn’t it make her actually sound really great?! Might make Hannah register and vote for her.. Thought and opinions very welcome!

When I asked the guy who posted the picture (an an-cap sort) who sent it to him, he replied —

Bill Tallman, the Democrat opponent, strangely enough, clearly a confusion campaign aimed at confused Republicans

The he followed up with this —

He knocked on our door about a month ago, and I chatted him up for about 30 or 40 minutes. He’s completely oblivious about libertarian perspectives on issues. I gave him a copy of Bastiat’s The Law.

Furthermore, I as a partisan Libertarian have no problems endorsing Lisa Torraco for re-election to her State Senate seat (District 18 [1]).


  1. I’m in District 26, a Democrat safe seat.
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What would a Libertarian Administration look like?

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The Gary Johnson presidential campaign seems to be the Libertarian Party’s best chance at winning the White House to date. That possibility seems to have lots of people scared out of their minds.

So let’s take a look at some ways that a Libertarian Administration would conduct business.

First, we need to understand that libertarianism is all about the Non-Aggression Principle: No one has the right to initiate force or fraud against anyone else, nor to threaten or delegate that initiation. No exceptions will be granted “under color of law.”

Also understand that we’re NOT looking to be Romney / Bush Republicans with “L” after our names. If we wanted that, we would simply cut to the chase and sign up as Democrats.

With that in mind, here are some examples of the policies that our prospective Libertarian Administration will undertake:

First, a Libertarian Administration will NOT seek to expand the size, intrusiveness or expense of government by one iota, on any issue. We’re not looking to grow the federal government — not by two percent, much less the ten or twenty percent that a Clinton or Trump Administration will attempt. At worst, we will FREEZE it where it’s at when we take the reins. The 2017 budget that we receive on January 21st will be the budget for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

No, we’re not looking to expand the welfare state one bit. Nor are we looking to create more regulations upon business or your personal life. Those regulations stifle creativity, growth and economic progress.

Second, the White House will become a pardon factory. All of the people in prison solely for federally-mandated victimless crimes — sawing off a shotgun barrel, having more than a certain amount of marijuana, draining a puddle on their own property — will be pardoned, because they didn’t really do anything wrong.

Third, we’re going to STOP putting people in prison in the first place for those victimless crimes — after Obama decided that he can pick and choose which parts of Obamacare he can enforce, we can choose not to enforce the victimless crime laws, as well — and we’re going to call for the repeal of those laws.

Fourth, we’re going to drastically reduce taxes, if we can’t wipe them out completely. This idea that we’re going to settle for a 25-30 percent national sales tax is nonsense. If we’re going to compromise on a tax rate, it will be more like five percent, and disregard that “revenue neutrality” hogwash — that’s just pundit-speak for “We don’t really have to cut spending.”

Fifth, we’re looking to fundamentally transform the welfare state from what it is now — a massive top-down, bureaucratic system for legalized vote-buying — into something that actually helps the people it’s supposed to help. We’ll turn the various agencies into 501-c-3 charities, and forbid them from taking tax money or lobbying governmental bodies in their charters. Then the people who support them will know that their donations will go a lot further.

Nor do we support any corporate welfare. No more bailouts, no more tax-funded football stadiums, movie subsidies, or contracts for white-elephant projects. The “Albuquerque Rapid Transit” inanity is a prime example of this.

Sixth, on foreign policy: for decades, libertarians have been defamed as “isolationists.” True isolationism was Japan between 1635 and 1853, or China between 1757 and 1839. We simply don’t want America to be micromanaging the affairs of the rest of the world.

Seventh, we will not support forced association under the rubric of “non-discrimination” or “public accommodation.” The slogan “NO means NO” used against rape apologists works just as well here. No Jew should have to bake a cake for a Nazi wedding. This concept should be applied consistently across the population.

To summarize, We The Libertarians simply want to live our own lives, and let everyone else live theirs.


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