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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Random Shots for Tuesday, 1 November 2016

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    I never said I was excluding other parties. I just wrote about some things that Libertarians could get behind.

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    I just tried to access the LPNM blogs on Google, and found myself locked out for some reason. This means I can’t get to email, the blogs I have set up there, anything. After I put in my user name and password, the site hit me up for a “verification code.” After I received the code via text message, the login page wouldn’t let me put in the whole code. After a few tries, I got shifted over to another page that says my account has been suspended due to “suspicious activity.”

    Luckily, I have all of the pages that I’ve created there backed up here locally on a thumb drive.

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    I think that’s a different issue — to the best of my knowledge, the site isn’t hosted on Google. Allen Cogbill was the guy who was serving as webmaster as well as handling the credit card accounts until 25 October.

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    I would get a money order from Albertson’s, payable to “LPNM,” and mail it to the address in the newsletter. Or if you run into Ron Bjornstad at any of our events, he’ll accept cash, too.

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    This amendment, if it passes next Tuesday, basically legalizes what’s already going on. The reason the Political Classholes are pushing it is because there were instances where people were killed in the Albuquerque area — one was a little girl killed by a stray bullet, another was a cop — by violent repeat offenders who were released while in jail, being accused of other crimes. The pro-amendment argument is that if the offenders hadn’t been released, these deaths wouldn’t have happened.

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    I made sure that any signs or stickers I picked up said “Johnson — Libertarian for President.”

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    I’m vouching for (but not endorsing) Dumpster Fire.

    Fuck it, I *AM* endorsing Dumpster Fire.

    If the Libertarian Party is OK with having treasonous candidates (the VP nominee, the U.S. Senate nominee in Alaska), why can’t I get in on the fun a bit?

    #feelthefire #votedumpsterfire #feeltheburn

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