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Monday, 31 October 2016

Random Shots for Monday, 31 October 2016

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    What about the uranium deal with Rosatom? Why is it that none of those beating the Citizens United drum never mention that one?

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    The only people who have any truthful claim to the moniker of “original libertarian” (Barry Goldwater, David F. Nolan, John Hospers, Ayn Rand, etc.) have been deceased for at least ten years now.

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    That’s called gaslighting. Becky Stevens did it once to me, now Becky doesn’t do that with me any more after I started screencapturing every conversation I have with her.

    Apparently Becky isn’t the only Republican to gaslight people who show her up. I’ve come across another one that does this, who hasn’t posted here (I’ll relay his name by PM).

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    On the Democrat side, Donald F. Schiff is a gaslighter — he did that to me a few weeks ago on Heath Haussamen’s page.

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    He published one of my articles recently, so he can’t be all bad:

    Which resulted in quite a fine dust-up when he shared it to Facebook:

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    Actually, the “NO W.A.R.” sticker most probably signified his opposition to a certain person, whose departure from the LP in September of 2012 was a good thing for the LP.

    But yes, Allen will be missed.

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    My apology for my incomplete reading of your second paragraph in the original post.

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