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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Random Shots for Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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    For over twenty years, the League of Women Voters has been biased at the organizational level against the pre-existing, natural, individual, civil right to own and carry weapons, as protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article II, Section 6 of the Constitution of the State of New Mexico.

    What other issues are they biased on?

    Why should I take them seriously when they’re picking one side of an issue over another?

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    Where is this coming from?

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    I never claimed to be unbiased, as the League does.

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    Here’s another bias, on the issue of campaign financing:

    From the article:

    ‘”The League is fighting hard to overcome the impact of the Citizens United decision on money in elections and on the floor of convention, League delegates voted to condemn this tragic Supreme Court decision,” said MacNamara.’

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    Weren’t there also some fistfights on the Reform Party’s 2000 convention floor? I seem to remember one Martin Lindstedt being involved in that particular debacle.

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    Nakamura is / was opposed to jury nullification. I asked her face to face about it at a campaign meet-and-greet. Plus, a criminal defense attorney friend of mine says Nakamura loves to throw people in jail.

    Where on the web can you go to read a judge’s rulings? I find the campaign fliers to be puff pieces, and I’d like to see for myself whether a judge is any good or not instead of taking the recommendations of the GOP and the Judicial Standards Commission for granted.

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    If write in spaces were available as they should be in all of the races, I would have written in Dumpster Fire.

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    1. Same friend said that even the prosecutors kept trying to get away from Nakamura as a judge, because the plea deals they came up with weren’t harsh enough.
    2. A judge isn’t supposed to be biased towards the prosecution, or the State. Think about that for a minute.
    3. Most of the cats I’ve had were great with dogs.
    4. Where in your political science cirriculum did they tell you it’s impermissible for voters to use their ballots to tell the political class to fuck off? Indeed, that seems to be the overall theme of this year’s election — voters telling the politicians what they can go do with themselves.
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    1. “than a guy who has never upheld a criminal conviction in his time as a judge” — who is this? References?
    2. So defense attorneys are less trustworthy than prosecutors? Why is that? Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?
    3. Give me yours.
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    Surely the Republican House Majority would defund Obamacare, what with the way they’ve been complaining about it since 2010?

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    And then Obama will veto that repeal, as he’s done the past 40-some times that they voted to repeal it. So what? All of the funding bills have to go through the House, so all they have to do is say, “We’re not appropriating any money for it,” and it dies. No money for it, no money to pay the IRS people to collect the “shared responsibility” fines, etc.

    Maybe when Republicans are anything more than low-tax Democrats, we might actually vote for Republican candidates. Remember Ron Paul, David Clements, Adam Kokesh? They ran as Republicans and didn’t have any problems getting Libertarians supporting their candidacies.

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    So now you’re behind Trump? Because, after all, he’s the guy who won the Republican primaries.

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    So you do or don’t support Trump? Why or why not?

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    I look real hard, too. I haven’t seen the NM House Republicans defund or cut spending to much of anything.

    Have they defunded or cut spending for the Medicaid expansion that caused the current budget “crisis” ?

    Have they defunded or cut spending on the film subsidies?

    How about the Local Economic Development Agency?

    And when I use the word “cut,” I’m not talking about cutting the rate of growth below what the Democrats want for the next year. I’m talking about cutting below existing levels.

    The question is this: are State House Republicans incompetent, or is their election-year rhetoric about fiscal responsibility just that — ad copy for the election year?

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    So Michael Sanchez can spend tax dollars without the approval of House Republicans or the Republican Governor? Funny, I thought that both the House and Senate had to pass bills for them to go to the Goverrnor. All the House Republicans have to do is tell Michael Sanchez that they’re not going to pass his spending bills. But they don’t seem to do that. Why is that?

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    If you’re happy to settle for marginal improvement, that’s all you’re going to get, and maybe not even that.

    And increasing spending by less than what the Democrats want isn’t really an improvement.

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    Anyone who thinks I’m only ornery with Democrats and progressive types should check this out — I’m an equal-opportunity contrarian:

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    Too late!

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    Interesting. I’ve got other Facebook friends who don’t have any problem seeing it. Matter of fact, one of the local Republicans and I had a 90-minute trolling contest because he was pissed that I didn’t vote for Judge Judy.

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