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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Idiot of the Day for Wednesday 12 October 2016

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Let’s break that inanity down, one line at a time.

Global warming is a thousand times more dangerous than ISIS. It has the potential to kill billions from famine, population relocation and war.

“Global warming,” or “climate change,” or whatever the eco-fascist buzzphrase is this week, is a natural part of the Earth’s cycles.

Among the factors influencing the planetary climate that the eco-fascists never want to talk about are:

  • Axial precession – the Earth’s axis traces a cone across the sky every 26,000 years.
  • Axial tilt – the angle between the Earth’s equator and its orbital plane cycles between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees on a 41,000-year cycle.
  • Solar output – how much radiation (light, heat, etc.) the sun puts out.
  • Carbon dioxide is a relatively puny gas where atmospheric heat retention is concerned – water vapor is much more efficient.
  • If it wasn’t for the greenhouse effect, we’d have permanent ice at the Equator, as the Earth would be about 33°C cooler than it is at present. Think “Snowball Earth”

We have 32,000 gun deaths a year in America. ISIS can kiss my butt.

How many of those “gun deaths” are suicides, where the person would have found some other way to kill themself if a firearm wasn’t availalbe?

How many were due to negiglent discharges?

How many were justifiable homicides, where the person killed was threatening the life of the shooter or someone else with grievous bodily harm?

Funny how the hoplophobes and victim disarmers like to inflate their statistics like that.

Also why no outrage over “knife deaths,” “blunt object deaths,” “bare-handed deaths,” or “automotive deaths” ?

Why no outrage over deaths from medical malpractice, which kills about six to seven times as many people per year than Eichhorn’s 32,000 “gun deaths” ?

Burning carbon is Stone Age behavior and it is killing us. The biggest terrorists in the world are Exxon, Mobile and British Petroleum along with their pet politicians and corporate whore media who keep us from spending the money necessary to save ourselves and the world.

Funny, I thought the word “terrorist” applied to people who use things like suicide bombers, car bombs and the like to kill non-combatant civilians.

And the only way politicians can “keep us from spending the money necessary to save ourselves and the world” is by taxing our money away from us to pay for their pet projects, their legalized vote-buying scheme (they call it “the safety net”), their foreign wars and interventionism, and such that Eichhorn loves so much.

We spend about three times more on our military than China does. China is using that money to build their infrastructure. Who’s going to win with that strategy? (Not us.)

Isn’t the Peoples’ Republic playing the same sorts of currency games with the renminbi that the Federal Reserve Board is playing with the “dollar” ?

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