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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Random Shots for Tuesday, 11 October 2016

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    If I intended to toss the Zero Aggression Principle into the trash for personal gain, I’d sign up as a Democrat, then get a public-sector job pushing paper clips from one side of the desk to the other for pay, medical / dental / vision coverage, and a defined-benefit pension package.

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    The funny thing is this: last year, “Dr. Mauser” was beating the Socialist Just-us Worrier drum as it applied to science fiction.

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    Considering that most of the Party people who are publicly accessible outside of the voter registration rolls are Central Committee members or county chairs / organizers / contacts, I’d refer her to the Johnson campaign office on San Mateo in ABQ.

  4. Re: NM’s key competitive advantage is the sun

    On average, solar panels on the Earth’s surface receive 1370 watts per square meter (W/m^2) while the sun is shining on them.

    How many watts per square meter will SunPower’s panels put out?

    Of course, no solar panel will yield any power when the sun isn’t shining on it — at night, during inclement weather — so better get used to having a pile of batteries on hand for the down times. At present, that’s a pile of lead-acid car batteries, with sulfuric acid in them. Not to mention the space to put them in, and additional wiring for both them and the panels.

    For most places in New Mexico, that means having their entire electrical system redone. How many small businesses or homeowners can afford that, plus the cost of the panels and batteries?

    For what it’s worth, I have no problems if you want to install solar (or wind, or whatever) power in your home or business. Just don’t subsidize it with tax money, or give solar companies a regulatory leg up over other energy sources.

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