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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Random Shots for Sunday, 10 July 2016

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    “One step further, and I know this will upet some, what can we do to finally get a reasonable gun control law passed.”

    Since by “reasonable,” you mean that you dictate and I surrender liberty and property upon demand, you just did your part in killing that “ongoing national discussion” from the start.

    I didn’t kill anyone in Dallas, Minneapolis, California, Chicago, or Orlando, so I have ZERO intention of supporting what you call “compromise,” but would really be nothing more than partial surrender on my part.

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    Larken Rose

    To all those who scoff at the idea of a population armed merely with rifles being able to resist the all-knowing, all-powerful “government,” I would like to point you to….. Dallas. Whatever you think of the morality of the sniper’s actions, all by himself he took out a bunch of cops, made a hell of a lot more of them hide, and kept it going until they eventually sent a robot after him, because they didn’t dare to go after him themselves. If you think the control freaks laugh at the idea of a population armed with rifles, you know nothing about military history or tactics.

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    The control freaks might *publicly* laugh at the idea of an armed population resisting domestic tyranny, but *privately*, they’re scared out of their minds.

    If they truly thought that the notion was ludicrous, why would they be so hell-bent on getting those rifles and pistols away from us?

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  5. ReasonThe Libertarian Party Moment by Matt Welch
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