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Friday, 8 July 2016

Random Shots for Friday, 8 July 2016

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    Funny how TOR was originally developed by the Naval Research Laboratory and furthered by DARPA. Now that it’s out of the bag, they want to put it back under their exclusive control. Sort of like the internet itself.

    Of course, the govvies probably won’t mind too much if political figures with ties to George Soros and the Saudi royal family use it. At least they didn’t seem to mind when a certain former senator turned Secretary of State mishandled classified information on a private home-based server, so I’m guessing that they’ll sign off on corrupt use of the TOR tech as well, just so long as it’s the “right people” using it.

    H/T Seth Anderson Bailey

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    According to the article, Weld didn’t explicitly say that he would support Hillzilla.

    Still, this praise and excuse-making for the Clintons from Johnson and Weld is absolutely nauseating.

    Doesn’t matter if Hillzabeast had criminal intent, as Johnson says she didn’t — plenty of other people have gone to prison for less without having criminal intent. For what it’s worth, I would like to know what Hitlery has done in the last 20 years WITHOUT some form of criminal intent.

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    That works for me — let’s make it reality: west half of New Mexico goes to Arizona, east half to Texas. And have the Legislature visit Wood Chipper (Chipper isn’t limited to the executive branch, as the picture suggests. Chipper is an equal-opportunity chipper.).

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    I would prefer that both Johnson and Weld stop praising Hilzabeast entirely and stop making excuses for Hillzilla entirely and stick to promoting libertarianism.

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    Every time Gary or Weld praises or makes excuses for Hillary or Obama, they’re driving a potential Libertarian voter to support Trump.

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    Gary Johnson and Weld stumping for Hillary and Obama is just as bad as Wayne Allyn Root stumping for Romney, Ryan, etc. in 2012, if not worse.

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