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Friday, 17 June 2016

Random Shots for Friday, 17 June 2016

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    I absolutely love the Snipping Tool utility included with Windows 7 (and the Screenshot utility that comes with Linux Mint).

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    First, the Founders wanted the American population to have military parity with, if not supremacy over the federal government. See Federalist Paper #46:

    Basically, Madison said that the new United States could put up with a standing army of 25,000-30,000 troops because if it ever got out of line, the armed citizenry of 500,000 people, armed with similar weapons and having the same skill set in using them, could kick that army’s ass in the field.

    Today, that requires the private-sector civilians (us) to have access to the same sorts of small arms that the current military carries and uses — H&K MP5 and MP7 subguns, M240 and M249 MGs, M203 grenade launchers, etc., in addition to what we already have.

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    Funny how these sorts of weapons are pitched as being for support troops — truck drivers, cooks, etc., who “don’t need a full-size rifle,” yet when procurement time comes, those people never see it, they get stuck with the generic standard-issue rifle.

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    Hopefully Zind hasn’t “prolferated” his genome.

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