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Friday, 17 June 2016

Random Shots for Friday, 17 June 2016

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Today in history

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    I absolutely love the Snipping Tool utility included with Windows 7 (and the Screenshot utility that comes with Linux Mint).

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    First, the Founders wanted the American population to have military parity with, if not supremacy over the federal government. See Federalist Paper #46:

    Basically, Madison said that the new United States could put up with a standing army of 25,000-30,000 troops because if it ever got out of line, the armed citizenry of 500,000 people, armed with similar weapons and having the same skill set in using them, could kick that army’s ass in the field.

    Today, that requires the private-sector civilians (us) to have access to the same sorts of small arms that the current military carries and uses — H&K MP5 and MP7 subguns, M240 and M249 MGs, M203 grenade launchers, etc., in addition to what we already have.

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    Funny how these sorts of weapons are pitched as being for support troops — truck drivers, cooks, etc., who “don’t need a full-size rifle,” yet when procurement time comes, those people never see it, they get stuck with the generic standard-issue rifle.

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    Hopefully Zind hasn’t “prolferated” his genome.

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  1. PeopleBritish Politician Jo Cox Dies After Being Shot and Stabbed in the Street by Simon Perry
  2. Bearing ArmsDaniel Defense “Fires” Academy Sports For Moral Cowardice by Bob Owens
  3. Magpul Industries SHOTSHOW 2008 Part 3
  4. PDW Sidearm 9mm Armor Piercing VBR-Belgium Muzic
  5. PopehatTalking Productively About Guns by Ken White
  6. TribunistThere’s a Way to Stop Mass Shootings — and You Won’t Like It.
  7. NBC News — Family of AR-15 Inventor Eugene Stoner: He Didn’t Intend It for Civilians by Tony Dokoupil
  8. HelloweenStraight Out of Hell

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Book Review: Dr. Adder, by K.W. Jeter

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Maybe it was beyond the pale for 1972 and 1984 . . .

I first heard about Dr. Adder while reading a review of it one of Jim Baen’s New Destines book-magazines. New Destines was published in the 1980s, but I didn’t discover them until the early 1990s at used bookstores.

Anyway, the reviewer said something along the lines of “this is the sickest, most depraved book I’ve ever come across,” and gave a short paragraph on why that was the case (basically, the idea that the title character, Dr. Adder, performs elective surgery on hookers to the specifications of their clients).

For what it’s worth, Dr. Adder might have been considered “sick” and “depraved” when it was originally written (1972) and then published (1984), but today, it’s kind of . . . stale.

For me, the least believable part of the book was the CIA-developed “flashglove,” a prosthetic arm which is placed on the stump where the user’s original arm used to be, where it then connects with the user’s nervous system. How this connection is made (beyond physically joining the unit to the stump) isn’t specified by Jeter. (I guess that’s what this edition’s cover shows — Dr. Adder with the flashglove connected to his arm.) After being attached to the user, the flashglove then gives the user extended sensory abilities (again, how isn’t specified), along with the ability to kill with a touch (the unit emits some some sort of “vibration” that causes flesh and bone to explode).

Why anyone would voluntarily give up an arm and hand for this sort of thing is quite beyond me.

Probably the most notable part of the book was the description of the “Vagina Dentata,” where Adder does his surgical bit and adds sharks’ teeth (filched from the local oceanography labs) to the genitals of a hooker intended for his arch-nemesis, such that said nemesis is castrated immediately after insertion (pp. 89-90). Later, it turns out that this was really the idea of said nemesis, but whatever (p. 201).

The idea of looking into the deepest, darkest part of a person’s soul and making those forbidden, taboo thoughts into tangible reality is a theme that Jeter visits again at least once. See his Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Warped, where a special holodeck modification is used thusly.


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My First Toehold on the Darknet

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Instead of just clicking on the picture (you won’t be able to see the site with a standard browser), first install TOR Browser, then copy the URL from here and paste it into the address bar on TOR Browser.

Now I’m in the market for a decent VPN. Any suggestions? What should I look for? What should I avoid?

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