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Monday, 16 May 2016

No Chrome For Me

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Way back when, say, around December, 2008, I downloaded and installed Google Chrome. At the time I first tried it, I was also having connectivity problems. Which, if you’re a Chrome user, is a big problem, because Chrome needs to connect to Google’s servers to actually, you know, function at all. When I got nowhere with it, I decided “that’s enough for me.”

Side note: This is a big reason I have no interest in buying a Chromebook, as the Chromebook also requires a connection to the Google servers. Sometimes I need to do things at home. And I prefer to store my files at home, where I know where they are — “store it on the cloud” is just a fancy way to say “trust ME with your files . . .”

Fast-forward seven years and change . . .

Today I was halfway across Albuquerque, and opened Chrome on my new phone (an LG K7) to check for Pizza 9 locations near me. I typed in “,” and instead of just taking me to that site, Chrome bounced me over to, then something else, finally ending up on

Mind you, this is the FIRST TIME I’ve launched Chrome on this phone or any other device or system, since 2008.

And it’s also a brand-new phone — I purchased it on Friday at about 5:45 PM, and haven’t used it much.

So I installed Mozilla Firefox instead.

In a way, it’s sort of good that this happened, as about three hours later, I found out that my debit account had been hacked . . .

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