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Monday, 4 April 2016

Random Shots for Monday, 4 April 2016

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  1. ABQ Free Press – Re: Lawsuit Filed Against ART

    Remember the Berry Runner (and the 50-mile bike path around Albuquerque) when Berry throws his hat into the 2018 gubernatorial ring, and starts talking about himself as a “fiscal conservative.”

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  2. ABQ Free PressLawsuit Filed Against ART by Dennis Domrzalski
  3. ScienceNordicDNA links Native Americans with Europeans by Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen
  4. Van HalenThe Best of Both Worlds

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New Mexico, the Failed State

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Yes, the State of New Mexico is a failed state, just as the Powers That Be have labeled Somalia.

Of every list of the states that a state’s people should want “their” state to be at or near the top, New Mexico is at or near the bottom. Examples include math and reading proficiency among students, median income, economic opportunities, etc.

Of the lists where you would want “your” state to be at or near the bottom, New Mexico is at or near the top — violent crime rate per capita, DUI rate, corruption among public officials, tax burden, etc.

Now consider that the Political Classholes in Santa Fe and the various county and municipal governments seem to be perfectly happy with this sorry state of affairs, just so long as their bread is getting buttered, and their sponsors are satisfied. Why should they care about the rest of us and what we think of this, when we keep re-electing them?

I propose a simple solution:

Eliminate the State of New Mexico as a State.

Simply split the State down the middle — give the western part to Arizona, and the eastern part to Texas. Use either the Rio Grande as the dividing line.

So a few counties and municipalities might get cut in half or whatever. So what — let the politicians worry about that.

Or we could split it along I-25, or along the 106th meridian. Either way, we get to watch the political class have fits over who gets what.

Or we could give Arizona 16 of New Mexico’s 33 counties, and 17 to Texas. Or vice versa. Either way, some of the multi-county districts (State House, State Senate, Public Regulation Commission) are going to get carved up a bit.

Again, so what? Let the politicians worry about that, while those of us Productive Class people go about our business.

No matter how we do it, the self-appointed Ruling Classholes lose a bit in the turmoil, and we get to have some fun at their expense.

Imagine Ben Ray Lujan, Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich having to justify their continued presence in Imperial DC. They might have to actually do some work as lobbyists or whatever. Which side of the line would Michelle Lujan Grisham land on?

If Albuquerque (and thus Bernalillo County) were to be cut into two pieces, what would happen to the local politicians?

Just the thought of watching the politicians sing and dance to justify their continued sucking at the public teat would make it all worthwhile.


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