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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Random Shots for Wednesday, 16 March 2016

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    I went to the ABQ Tea Party meeting tonight (yesterday, actually, at this point). BCGOP Chair Frank Ruvolo was there, and didn’t seem too enthusiastic about the Berry Runner, nor did any of the rank-and-file attendees.

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    The government lawyers arguing for the National Firearms Act of 1934 in U.S. v. Miller argued that only “militia weapons” which have “military utility” were protected by the Second Amendment, that a sawed-off shotgun didn’t have “military utility” and thus wasn’t a “militia weapon” (we know this to be an outright lie, but neither Miller nor his lawyer were present to object), and therefore the NFA-1934 was declared by the black-robed gavel-fondlers as “Constitutional.”

    Never mind that weapons which DO have military utility and should be classified as “militia weapons” — the M16 / M4 series, the M240 / M249, the M203, etc., (they’re in actual military USAGE, maybe those folks might have some idea as to what they need in the field?) are restricted from mainstream civilian possession . . . .

    Then the hoplophobes and victim disarmers whinge and crocodile-cry about the streets being awash with “weapons of war.” Don’t they read the very precedents that they claim support their cause?

    As for “reviving the Constitutional militia” that’s under the control and direction of the State Legislature, surely the “America Again!” people jest. The NM Militia tried that back in the 1990s, and were labeled as “racists” by local politicians and media, despite one of the founding leadership being Hispanic, and active measures being taken in the recruiting process to screen out the racists. In April, 1995, several of the leadership met with Gov. Gary Johnson (same Gary Johnson that ran as the Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 2012 and again in 2016). He agreed that we weren’t racists, then handed us off to the Adjutant General, who promptly blew us off.

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    If you’re registered to vote as Libertarian (your voter registration card should read “LIB”) then bring it and yourself to the State Convention.

    If you’re looking to be an LPNM delegate to the National Convention in Orlando, Florida, then you need to be what the LPNM refers to as a “Caucus Member” — basically register to vote as Libertarian, sign the pledge and pay $25 bucks to the State party (Allen Cogbill and Ron Bjornstad will be at the State Convention if you want to sign the pledge and pay there), then get nominated and elected as a delegate.

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    I like peach mango iced tea.

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    See here for more :

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    Looks like a panda bear.

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    Can’t picture why, Hillary doesn’t want people carrying guns around her.

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