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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Random Shots for Saturday, 27 February 2016

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    Sorry, Sam, Pinestraw can’t beat Dumpster Fire!

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. QueensrÿcheOperation: Mindcrime
  2. The Washington Post [WaPo] — Knife-wielding crabs? Here’s the troubling truth behind these viral videos. by Elahe Izadi [H/T Matt Novak]
  3. OverkillFrom the Underground and Below, Coverkill, Necroshine
  4. Paleofuture at Gizmodo by Matt NovakThat Time Eisenhower’s Presidential Motorcade Picked Up Two Hitchhikers
  5. Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams: 30 August 19999 January 2000
  6. The Firearm Blog [TFB] — Rifles vs. Ice, from Military Arms Channel by Nathaniel F [H/T Michael Z. Williamson]
  7. haakonskIf you’re alive in 30 years, chances are good you may also be alive in 1000 years by Aldring [H/T ‎Juan Carlos Kuri Pinto‎ via “Scientific Transhumanism” Facebook group]

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