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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Random Shots for Thursday, 25 February 2016

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    “Lucas Herndon writes that most people are interested in doing something, not undoing something.”

    And when it concerns using government to meddle in the economy and peoples’ lives, we must make sure that we’re not doing the wrong thing.

    “‘Most people I know get fired up because there’s a group of people hurting or in need and we have the power to help them,'”

    Taking money or property from people who have it in the name of helping those who don’t isn’t charity at all, it’s robbery using crocodile charity to make it sound “nice” and “noble” for the sycophantic media.

    If those who constantly agitate for a more intrusive, more expensive welfare state would directly help those in need instead of agitating as they do, America probably wouldn’t have a significant underclass as it does.

    What I find absolutely hilarious is that those same people who agitate for more intrusive, more expensive government at every level are also the ones who do whatever they can to stop oil and gas production, but now that oil and gas prices have bottomed out, they’re complaining that they’re not getting enough from the industry in the way of taxes to pay for their programs.

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    Picture of the year where politics is concerned.

    H/T Josh Norris

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    I’m all for cutting off the freebie goodies to corporations and sports teams. By all means, slash away.

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