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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Random Shots for Thursday, 18 February 2016

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Today in history

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    Right behind the bills where they repeal all of the nonsensical statutes regulating transactions between mutually-consenting adults.

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    “I have zero clue how hotels and other tourism related businesses in southern or eastern NM will benefit from people flying into Santa Fe.”

    People in these areas will benefit from people flying into Santa Fe in the same way that people in northern and western New Mexico will benefit when an airline gets an income guarantee for establishing a route to Roswell.

    (If you say “They wouldn’t in reality,” I would agree.) Bill would OK using lodgers tax to subsidize commercial airlines

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    See also:

    Incompetence, by Rob Grant

    Idiocracy, by Mike Judge

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    Don’t forget Salsa Verde, either.

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    So they’re infringing liberty more with less people, then? And this is somehow commendable?

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    Except they blacked out the dependent clause of the Second Amendment when they should have redacted the independent clause. If they had blacked out the independent clause, the meme would be accurate.

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  2. The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse by Michael Z. WilliamsonCatherine Baker, Femorrhoid
  3. The Truth About Guns [TTAG] — India’s Hidden Firearms Treasures Headed Our Way? by Dean Weingarten [H/T Michael Z. Williamson]
  4. The RebelThe Rise of the Alpha-Homo: European gay men as the Right’s new heroes by James Campbell [H/T Shelter Somerset via “Conservative Libertarian Fiction Alliance” Facebook group]
  5. Ozzy OsbourneNo Rest for the Wicked, No More Tears

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