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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Random Shots for Sunday, 14 February 2016

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    H/T Aaron Henry Diaz

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    As Libertarians, we shouldn’t clutter up other Libertarian groups.

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    And if people from every state group post in all of the other 49 state groups with every state or local issue that they want to make into a “national call to action,” we’d never ge anything done.

    For what it’s worth, marijuana re-legalization is already a national trend.


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    Heads up!

    There are 50 state-level Libertarian Party FB groups, plus one for DC, one for each of the territories (another 4-5), 3300 some counties across the country. Not to mention numerous cities, towns, villages, etc. Then there are the FB groups various caucuses, committees and factions of the LP. If we let them ALL post here, that’s potentially 3400 different posts we would have to sort through.

    Local- and state-level stuff that’s not about New Mexico should be posted to the state or local or whatever group where it IS applicable.

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Listening / Reading / Watching

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  5. The CGBrosA Sci-Fi Short Film HD: “The Last Human in the Milky Way” – By Benjamin Combes
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  7. The Washington PostSupreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dies at 79 by Robert Barnes [H/T Bruce Levin]
  8. — 3 rules for buying carry ammo by Jeffrey Denning
  9. The Black Cat Moan by Tyler MillerThe Forgotten Movies of Michael Crichton
  10. The Federalist Papers ProjectWho Will Obama Pick To Replace Scalia? Five Top Names by Robert Gehl
  11. Sci-Tech UniverseAustralian Physicists Prove Time Travel is Possible [H/T Vince Harden via “Propulsion Energy Form Templates” Facebook group]
  12. Kn@ppster by Thomas L. Knapp

         And Another Thing About Scalia

         About that “Libertarians for Bernie Sanders” Thing

  13. The Btown Monitoring PostFAA to Begin Decommissioning VORs This Year by Larry Van Horn [H/T Frank Ney]
  14. The Washington Times6.5M people with active Social Security numbers are 112 or older: IG by Jessica Chasmar [H/T Jim Rongstad, Todd A. Barnett]
  15. Mötley CrüeDecade of Decadence 81-91

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