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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Random Shots for Saturday, 13 February 2016

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    Last time I used anything Apple was April 1994, when I had to use a Leatherman multi-tool to physically pull my floppy disk from the drive slot.

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    Just make sure it’s not spam, it’s somehow related to New Mexico issues, and be civil towards the other group members, that’s all.

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    LOL — federal stuff is OK.

    What we’re NOT looking for is out-of-state stuff such as city council or county commission meetings, “write to the mayor” etc. That sort of thing belongs in the LP state group of the state where it’s taking place. Just as I suspect they don’t want us posting our city council and county commission issues in their state LP groups.

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    It varies from time to time.

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    Heads up!

    There are 50 state-level Libertarian Party FB groups, plus one for DC, one for each of the territories (another 4-5), 3300 some counties across the country. Not to mention numerous cities, towns, villages, etc. Then there are the FB groups various caucuses, committees and factions of the LP. If we let them ALL post here, that’s potentially 3400 different posts we would have to sort through.

    Local- and state-level stuff that’s not about New Mexico should be posted to the state or local or whatever group where it IS applicable.

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    So bail from Twitter, try — app lets you use up to 256 characters, instead of Twitter’s 140.

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    “feelthebern” is more like “berndowntheworld”

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Aningaaq (HD)
  2. Conservative Tribune [CT] — BREAKING: Ex-Obama Intel Chief Makes Massive Announcement About Hillary by Wilmot Provisio
  3. FX — Iron Man 3
  4. The Tim Ferris ExperimentInside an “Anything Goes” Sex Club [H/T Jason Dimmick]
  5. View From The Porch by TamDefective unit. [H/T Oleg Volk]
  6. Lifehacker AustraliaThe World’s Best Science Fiction, Chosen By Scientists [H/T ‎Cristian Dos Santos‎ via “Science Fiction Fans UNITE!” Facebook group]
  7. OverkillPower in Black demo, Feel The Fire demo, Rotten To The Core demo, Taking Over
  8. Real Clear Politics [RCP] —Marco Rubio Says Ted Cruz Can’t Speak Spanish, Cruz Responds In Spanish [H/T Steve Reagan‎ via “Liberty Truth Seekers” Facebook group]

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