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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Random Shots for Sunday, 7 February 2016

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    From the article:

    “Dental therapy is good for patients, taxpayers, and the economy. Why let partisan rancor get in the way of smart policy?”

    Because dental therapists haven’t made the proper under-the-table “contributions” in Santa Fe?

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    First Jimmy Carter stumps for T.rump, now this outfit.

    Since the GOP is content to let CNN and their opponents run their nomination process, I’d say it’s about time that Priebus and Rove simply folded the tent. This isn’t whipping a dead horse, this is trying to saddle and ride the dead horse.

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    Run faster than the guy next to you, that’s all.

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    My predictions about this “New Mexico Pledge” :

    A good bit of the House and Senate members will sign it, some in good faith. Bills will be sponsored in the Legislature, some favored by Democrats, some favored by Republicans. Anything that gets by the House will either be killed in the Senate or will be virtually toothless. Then it has to survive a gubernatorial veto.

    As for the “bipartisan ethics and campaign practices commission,” why should I *as a Libertarian* support this? Who will be the Libertarian Party nominee for this commission? (Not holding my breath there!)

    Should this “bipartisan ethics and campaign practices commission” actually be created, I predict that it will simply be more of the same old D vs R WWE-style dog and pony show. Two of the commissioners will be picked by Haaland, two by Weh-Maestas, with the fifth being either from the D camp, or someone from the R camp who might as well be in the D camp. (Most of what I’ve read assumes five commissioners.)

    After this commission is created, I suspect that it won’t have much power beyond holding hearings and issuing “reports” and “recommendations.” Will it have subpoena power? What sort of enforcement powers? (Not holding my breath here, either — I’d expect a Libertarian to be appointed to it before it actually gets any power to do real damage to the Ruling Classholes.)

  5. Kn@ppster Re: If John McAfee Campaigns . . .

    He must have done a massive editing job on it. I seem to remember seeing a previous version where he called for a “stimulus” plan similar to Obama’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” along with “broadband is a human right.” Maybe I was hallucinating . . . ?

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    And the half-time show was trashy, too. (Aesthetics are arbitrary, of course.)

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    Once again, The Onion scoops the lamestream snoozemedia.

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    I saw it on my TV. Once was enough.

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