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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Random Shots for Saturday, 6 February 2016

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    I wonder how long the .gov clowns will let this one alone til they decide that the competition renders them irrelevant, and thus is “must be shut down for the good of the public” ?

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    I usually have a few shots of bourbon on election night, as Liberty dies a little more each year.

    Aside from that, I might have a beer when out on a date or at a concert. I’ll usually get a Heineken, then when it’s empty, I sneak it into the restroom in my pocket and refill it from the sink (staying sober and giving my immune system a workout).

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    Plenty of drunks and junkies in that area. Some of them get a bit on the belligerent side when you tell them to buzz off after they pester you for cash.

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  4. Quantum Vibe: Venus 23#1102, 8 June 2016#1272, 5 February 2016
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  8. Road & Track [R&T] — A new steel is as strong as titanium, 10 times cheaper by William Herkewitz [H/T Gary Chartier]
  9. The Jolly LandsknechtWinning Hearts and Minds Out West by Vlazlow [H/T Joseph L. Roberts]
  10. We Are AnonymousMeet Annie Dookhan, the Government Chemist Who Purposefully Sent Thousands of Innocent Americans to Prison by EV [H/T Gary Chartier]
  11. TruthVoiceSmartphone App Allows Citizens to Depend on Each Other for Emergency Services Instead of Police by Severin Johnson [H/T Mark Quon]
  12. Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams: 6 June 199910 October 1999
  13. Rand Paul 2016Rand Paul on Gary Johnson (Libertarian Candidate) | Fox News Kennedy
  14. Head Trip by Amanda Bussell: 28 May 200629 June 2006

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