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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Random Shots for Wednesday, 3 February 2016

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Today in history

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    Don’t EVER ask me to vote for Bush or Christie.

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    Here’s from the article:

    “It would authorize the nominating commission for appellate judges to choose at least 20 candidates to serve on the redistricting commission. Then the leaders of the state Legislature would appoint four members of the redistricting commission. Those four would select the fifth commissioner, who would chair the panel on redistricting.”

    In other words, two Democrats, two Republicans, to be chaired by either a Democrat or a Republican who might as well be a Democrat.

    So much for “keeping politics out of the process.”

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    This is just more of the same D vs R WWE-style dog and pony show. The five commissioners will all be from the D and R good-ol-boy loops, each of them will collect per diem or whatever for time spent “being impartial.” Meanwhile, liberty-infringing deals will continue to be made, contracts will be issued, prices will go up, etc., etc.

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    Also on Diaspora*, Ello, and tsu:

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    How much more did Hillary raise than Bernie, yet Bernie came within a hair of whupping Her Royal Highness?

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    The only alteration to the bat shown appears to be the 550 cord (?) on the handle. I suspect that hitting a person wouldn’t put much more stress on it than a power-hitter hitting a home run with it would.

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    H/T Paul Leitner-Wise

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  1. MetallicaGarage Inc.
  2. — Proposal to take redistricting out of lawmakers’ hands clears first hurdle by Milan Simonich, The Santa Fe New Mexican [H/T Heath Haussamen]

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