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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Random Shots for Wednesday, 20 January 2016

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    You can trust T.rump (think T.rex, minus the principles and good manners) to be T.rump, and to put T.rump first and foremost, at all times on all issues.

    For any Libertarian Party members reading this, T.rump is what Wayne Allyn Romney Root would be like as a nationally-renowned billionaire.

    And I bet there are STILL LP members who want Root back after we ran him out in Sept 2012.

  2. Posted to Facebook here and here

    How is it “just” (as in “economic justice”) to take from one person’s paycheck to subsidize someone else, especially if that someone else is capable of working on their own?

    How is it “just” (as in “social justice”) to require that someone in business do business with others they choose not to associate with, in the name of “tolerance,” when the person seeking service can go to the businessperson’s competitors?

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    In other words, 50% plus one of those who show up on election day get to decide how everyone else should live?

    Then why all of the complaining from Democrats after Bush won in 2000? If his campaign got more people to the polls than Gore’s campaign, then it was “the will of the people” that Bush be elected.

    My personal opinion is that Bush simply out-cheated and out-scammed Gore.

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    This upcoming election isn’t going to be the sort of “civil discourse” that leftists are always calling for. Instead, we’re going to see dirty tricks of all sorts from both the RNC and DNC candidates.

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    It should be a concept separate from politics. Except that politics keeps intruding into it.

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    Either that, or justice is entirely subjective in the eyes of the beholder — what one person considers “justice,” another thinks of it as “injustice.”

    See my posts above to see what I mean here.

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