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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Random Shots for Saturday, 16 January 2016

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    Apparently, this post was too much for the Facebook group calling itself “Anti-SJW” — the admin(s) deleted it during the night — see for yourself:

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    Is there anyone out there looking to revive WeaponsCon?

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Vin Suprynowicz — Miskatonic Manuscript, Q&A part 2
  2. HelloweenStraight Out of Hell
  3. Real Clear PoliticsRand Paul: GOP Wants To Push Libertarian Leaning Voters Out Of The Party [H/T Aaron Henry Diaz]
  4. Fox NewswChelsea Clinton, $10M Apartment, $3M Wedding, $600K Job: I Just Don’t Care About Money by Leslie Larson, New York Daily News [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  5. Science Alert

         A ‘mini ice age’ is coming in the next 15 years [H/T Kyle Bennett]

         Your bones could soon heal a whole lot better thanks to polymer nanoshells by David Nield

  6. Yahoo! FinanceThat bizarre-looking star just got a lot weirder – and yes, it could be aliens by Jessica Orwig [H/T Graham Hancock]
  7. ProgressNowNM — Why is Nate Gentry checking into hotels under an assumed name on official travel?

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