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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Random Shots for Tuesday, 12 January 2016

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Today in history

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    Nixon did enough bad stuff on his own (creation of the EPA, signed the Endangered Species Act, signed the RICO Act, made ATF its own agency, instituted wage and price controls, took America off the gold standard) that he deserves to have an fully functional outhouse permanently built over his coffin.

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    Overkill, Helloween, Iron Maiden, etc. for me.

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    That’s part of the Expanded Universe [EU for short] that Lucas declared to be non-canonical under the label “Legends.”

    But Jar Jar is still canon.

    Go figure.

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    They seem to be “against big banks” only when their useful idiots are watching. Otherwise they appear quite happy to deposit the campaign contributions from the big bank CEOs.

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    Tell me you didn’t already know this, please?

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    Every time Obama says he wants to get rid of something, America gets more of it.

    Every time Obama says Americans should have more of something, we end up with less (at least of any value).

    Thus every American should be in Stage 4 by 2020.

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    Do they give price breaks for Scripture-less rifles?

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Liberty ChatTom Woods Slams Jesse Benton [H/T Bradley Jansen]
  2. Addicting InfoTrump’s Immigrant Grandpappy Made The Family Fortune On Stolen Land, Hookers And Booze by Charles Topher [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  3. Houston Press

         Metal’s Problem With Women Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon by Kristy Loye [H/T “Liberty and Metal” Facebook page]

         The 13 Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2016 by Kristy Loye

  4. Happy Holidayz from Metallica [H/T Kristy Loye]
  5. Science Channel — What on Earth?
  6. Prince Law Offices PC — U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Hear Another Second Amendment Case by Tom Odom, Esq.
  7. America’s 1st Freedom by National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action [NRA-ILA]

         From The Editor: Actually, Congress Did Take Action; They Said No by Mark Chesnut

         Fighting Gun Owners, Ignoring ISIS

  8. The Huffington PostThe Real Reason Rand Paul is Losing to Trump and Carson: Republican Voters Want Bigger Government by Tom Mullen [H/T James M. Ray]
  9. New Universe Daily [NUD] — NASA To Build A Habitat For Living On Mars
  10. A Girl and a GunDiscoveries of an Anti-Gunner: My Conversion to the Other Side by Robyn Sandoval [H/T Eric Pavao]
  11. HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy
  12. Investigating History by Hutton Pulitzer — How can a sword cut history? [H/T Joseph L. Roberts]
  13. Boston Standard [Boston, Lincolnshire, UK] — Startling new report on Oak Island could ‘rewrite history’ of the Americas by Gemma Gadd [H/T Hutton Pulitzer]
  14. Barnes & Noble — The Decades-Long Flame War Between Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov by Adam Rowe [H/T “Starship Designer” Facebook page]
  15. Concealed NationGun Shop Etiquette by Brandon [H/T “Active Self Protection” Facebook page]
  16. KZRR 94.1 FM [Albuquerque, NM] — 18 Green Chile Cheeseburgers You Need To Try in Albuquerque
  17. Conservative OutfittersVideo: Muslim Refugees Attack Frenchman, But He Has a Surprise . . . [H/T Kelly Riebe]
  18. KABC-7 [Los Angeles, CA ABC affiliate] — Hope for ALS treatment after groundbreaking study results revealed by Denise Dador [H/T Elisheva Levin]
  19. The Washington PostThe new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’ by Justin Jouvenal
  20. Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams: 16 May 19996 June 1999
  21. Head Trip by Amanda Bussell: 19 March 200628 May 2006
  22. Dark Skies
  23. — The Biggest Threat by Justin Raimondo [H/T William Norman Grigg]
  24. News FoxesBRILLIANT: Gun Makers Just Designed A Rifle That Is IMPOSSIBLE For Terrorists To Use by Eva Hart [H/T Michael Z. Williamson]

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Random Shots for Monday, 11 January 2016

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Today in history

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    It’s not odd at all when you consider that the GOP has always had people willing to suck up to and coddle the hoplophobes and victim disarmers:

    1. Ronald Reagan signed the Mulford Act in 1967 while Governor of California (outlawing open carry of firearms) in response to the Black Panthers, and later spoke up in favor of the Brady Bill and “assault weapon” bans.
    2. California Governor George Deukmejian signed the nation’s very first state-level “assault weapon” ban (the “Roberti-Roos Assault Weapon Control Act of 1989”) after it passed the State Assembly with a margin of one vote.
    3. President George H.W. Bush signed an executive order in 1990 outlawing the importation of “assault weapon” type firearms if they had less than the specified number of American-made parts, and promised to sign the Brady Bill if it was included in a larger crime bill.
    4. The New Jersey State Senate (back then all GOP) and GOP Governor Christie Todd Whitman refused to consider repealing Jim Florio’s “assault weapon” ban after gun owners were a key factor in the recall effort against Florio.
    5. Senate Majority Bob Dole refused to put repealing the 1994 Clinton “assault weapon” ban on the Senate calendar for a vote before resigning from the Senate. Dole also helped the Brady Bill pass through Congress by not objecting when it was brought up for a vote in the middle of the night for a “unanimous consent” vote.
    6. Rudy Giuliani said in 1994, “I don’t think we should try just one of these gun control measures, we should try them all.”
    7. Former Pennsylvania Governor and DHS Secretary Tom Ridge voted for a precursor to the 1994 Clinton “assault weapon” ban as a stand-alone bill in May, 1994.
    8. President George W. Bush stated a willingness to “shut down the gun show loophole” in 2001 (basically eliminating gun shows entirely), as well as supporting mandatory trigger locks and saying on 15 March 2003 that if Congress re-enacted the 1994 Clinton “assault weapon” ban and put it on his desk, he would sign it into law again.
    9. Heather Wilson was willing to sign off on “shutting down the gun show loophole” and mandatory trigger locks, until Charlie Wiesleder from the NM Shooting Sports Association and Paul Lisle from the NM Gun Collectors went to her local district office and told the staff there, “If she votes against us on these, we’ll vote against her in the next election.” Later in 2004, Wilson objected to a national concealed-carry reciprocity bill (a version of the “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004”[1] for us po’ civilians) by saying that these sorts of things should be left to the State legislatures. The timing for her personal discovery of the Tenth Amendment is curious, at the very least.
    10. Mitt Romney signed an state-level “assault weapon” ban in June / July, 2004 while Governor of Massachusetts. While running for U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994, Romney had campaigned as being “no friend of the NRA.”
    11. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a state-level ban on civilian ownership of rifles chambered in .50 BMG, prompting Ronnie Barrett of Barrett Firearms to publicly state that he wouldn’t sell any of his rifles to California law enforcement agencies, nor service any of the ones that they already had obtained.
    12. New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez said that she would sign HB 77 / HB 44 in 2013 (mandating background checks at gun shows) if they were written as she wanted.
    13. There were eight (8) in the New Mexico State House who were willing to pass HB 77 in 2013, including Nate Gentry (who asked “Would John Wayne get his gun at a gun show?”), Monica Youngblood, and Kelly Fajardo.
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    Most of them aren’t worth the daily 125-150 they get as per diem during the session. They should PAY OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKETS that amount to be in the Legislature.

    From the article:

    “Rep. Terry McMillan, R-Las Cruces, prefiled HJR 3. It calls for paying state lawmakers a salary equal to the median household income in New Mexico as determined by the US Census Bureau, close to $45,000 a year in the most recent numbers.”

    So much for fiscal sanity from New Mexico Republicans. Giving these parasites a five-fold pay increase goes beyond the pale with a hyperdrive. Next they’ll want a full-time Legislature. Gods only know what sorts of havoc they could wreak with that.

  3. KRQE-13 – Re: Lawmaker looking to give state senators, reps a salary

    Most of them aren’t worth the per diem they already get during the session.

    So much for fiscal sanity from New Mexico Republicans. Giving these parasites a five-fold pay increase goes beyond the pale with a hyperdrive. Next they’ll want a full-time Legislature. Gods only know what sorts of havoc they could wreak with that.

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    Didn’t we see this same schtick played out against Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012?

    Didn’t we see this game played against Adam Kokesh in 2010?

    Didn’t we see this sort of thing against David Clements in 2014?

    Now it’s Rand Paul in 2016.

    Who gets the shaft in 2018? 2020?

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    Somewhat comforted, more repulsed. I keep saying it — I prefer an up-front enemy than a back-stabber professing friendship.

    What absolutely amazes me is that Republicans seriously believe I’m going to vote for their cretin du jour just because said cretin has the Magic Big (R) after its name.

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. The Libertarian EnterpriseNumber 854, 10 January 2016
  2. Washington ExaminerCelebrities sign letter thanking Obama for gun action by Joshua Axelrod [H/T Kent McManigal]
  3. RankerActors You Probably Didn’t Realize Are Republican by “Famous Conservatives”
  4. — When half of the world hates you by Elisabeth Miller [H/T Heath Haussamen]
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  7. NathanH83There is No Law Requiring You to Pay Income Tax [H/T Adam Kokesh]
  8. KRQE-13 [CBS affiliate for Albuquerque, New Mexico] — Lawmaker looking to give state senators, reps a salary by Alex Goldsmith [H/T Elizabeth Honce]
  9. The Washington TimesNetanyahu leading effort to thwart Obama bid for U.N. chief by L. Todd Wood [H/T Burly Cain]
  10. The Fayetteville ObserverNC Law: Teens who take nude selfie photos face adult sex charges by Paul Woolverton [H/T Larken Rose]
  11. The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb by Sean Blanda [H/T Michael Brown, Donald Scott Wilde, “The Advocates for Self-Government” Facebook page]
  12. Sufficient Reason by Jeremy N. Choate — Dear Liberal . . . Here’s Why I’m So Hostile
  13. Ars TechnicaApollo Flight Controller 101: Every console explained by Lee Hutchinson [H/T Frank Ney]
  14. Foxtrot Alpha at Jalopnik

         Here’s The First Shot Of The F-15C Pod That Will Change How The Air Force Fights by Tyler Rogoway [H/T Michael G. Spivey]

         Everyone Who Wanted More F-22s Is Being Proven Right by Tyler Rogoway

  15. HelloweenGambling with the Devil, Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy
  16. Head Trip by Amanda Bussell: 3 March 200619 March 2006
  17. Liberty Evolution at YouTube — Tom Woods unloads on Jesse Benton and John Tate – Free Talk Live [H/T Bradley Jansen]


  1. 108th Congress Public Law 277 [HR 218, signed 22 July 2004]

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