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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Random Shots for Saturday, 2 January 2016

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Today in history

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    From Will Grigg:

    “California’s Soviet-style gun confiscation law is intended as a template for nation-wide civilian disarmament — on the installment plan.”

    Freedom Zealot Podcast January 3 2016

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    I think of these people as the non-sexual version of “bugchasers.”

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies [IEET] —#1: Seven Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World Forever by Gray Scott [H/T Seth Anderson Bailey]
  2. The ShrugFill a bucket with 10,000 sparklers and light a match. What’s next? HAPPY NEW YEAR! [H/T “American Girls with Guns” Facebook page]
  3. — Should anti-gun politicians be denied armed security? by Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner [H/T “Strike the Root” Facebook page]
  4. USA Today

         Voices: Why I decided to buy a handgun by Trevor Hughes [H/T Dave Workman at]

         Hawaii becomes first state to raise smoking age to 21 by Brooke Metz [H/T Scott Rhymer]

  5. SyFy — The Twilight Zone (1959 series)
  6. National Geographic Channel — Drugs, Inc.
  7. Guns AmericaEveryone Needs an AR Holster by David Higginbotham [H/T “Cops Supporting Gun Rights” Facebook page]
  8. Tea PartyFormer Congressman Calls on Americans to DEFY Obama’s Gun Grab: “IT’S WAR!” [H/T Frank Romero]
  9. Baen Books — Frog Water by Tony Daniel
  10. American Military NewsWho Ya Got: Israeli Defense Force v. U.S. Army Knife Fight [H/T “The Second Amendment” Facebook page]
  11. National Post [Canada] — Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: ‘Transabled’ people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies by Sarah Boesveld [H/T Elisheva Levin]
  12. Freedom Zealot Podcast by William Norman Grigg — 3 January 2016 [H/T Mark Quon]
  13. Oregon Public Broadcasting [OPB] — Militiamen In Burns, Ore. Break Into Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Building by Kimberley Freda and John Sepulvado [H/T “Guns And Lace” Facebook page]

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