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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Random Shots for Tuesday, 22 December 2015

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    “It’s not acceptable, sure, but make sure you hold that same standard to those on your side of the isle.”

    Surely you jest? This is, after all, WWE-style politics, where the sins of the opposition are perfectly OK when it’s “your” side that does them.

    Just like Republicans signed off on Slick Willard Romney creating the template for Obamacare in Massachusetts back in 2006, or Slick Willard signing an “assault weapon” ban in 2004, or . . . .

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    I prefer up-front enemies than back-stabbers professing friendship. Romney, McCain, the Bushes, Christie, Heather Wilson are examples of the latter.

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    Get yourself a Dell or Toshiba laptop from Craigslist — if it’s got a bad keyboard or screen, there are YouTube clips showing how to swap out parts, and the parts can be ordered from eBay. If the Windoze install is buggy, simply install Linux (I recommend Linux Mint) over top of it. LM 17.2 can do just about anything Windoze can.

    The Toshiba Satellite C55D I’m typing this on is a case in point — it took me less time and money to get a new keyboard from China (across the Pacific) than it took the State of New Mexico to send me my renewed driver’s license from Santa Fe (~ 60 miles away) — I ordered both within minutes of each other. Swapping out the new keyboard for the old one took me all of five (5) minutes. The only tools required were a pocketknife (used one of my collection of multi-tools) and a Philips-head screwdriver.

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    The word “gently” doesn’t apply where coitus chainsaw is concerned. Break out the opioid stash.

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    Claudia Anderson — It’s ALEC, for American Legislative Exchange Council, not “ALEX.”

    So apparently it’s doubleplus ungood badthink for people to write suggestions for legislation when “liberals” of the Roosevelt / Wilson model “anti-fascist” fascist model disagree with those suggestions.

    Paul — did you ever get that check from the Koch brothers?

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