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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Random Shots for Tuesday, 29 October 2013

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    Is this a California-only type of convention? If so, why was it posted in a group focused on New Mexico?

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    Of course he is. If there’s one thing he’s consistent about, it’s gathering more and more power, more and more authority for Washington DC. Someone operating an independent cannery (or farm-to-fork outfit, or farmers’ market) is a threat to that, and simply must be squashed. With extreme prejudice.

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    Today I received a mailing from “Respect ABQ Women” with the line “Want Government in YOUR Private Medical Decisions?” as a red-stamp over a picture of a male bureaucrat standing between a female doctor and a female patient. (I’ll post the image to my profile.)

    Does that mean that “Respect ABQ Women” is dedicated to shutting down the (Un)affordable Care Act? I should think so, but I doubt it, considering that their endorsements page reads like a whos-who of Obamacare supporters:

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    Funny thing is, Facebook keeps prompting me to type in names for the three people in the picture — every time I move the cursor to one of them, a box appears over the face with an input box under it.

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    This probably rates as a full-fledged blog entry — probably what I need to get back to blogging again.

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