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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Random Shots for Monday, 28 October 2013

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Today in history

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. Breach-Bang-Clear – Electrocuting the dog: Learned Helplessness in the military [ Part 1 / Part 2 ]
  2. Active Response TrainingWhat’s the Deal with Krokodil?
  3. KOAT 7 [Albuquerque, New Mexico] – New Mexico legislator expresses unease about yoga
  4. The Libertarian Republic

         Peter King lashes out at limited government Republicans (VIDEO)

         Meet The Police’s New “Starchase” GPS Gun – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (VIDEO)

  5. The BlazeNBC News: Obama Admin. Knew Millions Would Not Be Able to Keep Their Health Insurance for at Least 3 Years, Promised It Anyway
  6. Rant LifestyleThe Sexiest Actresses in Science Fiction

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