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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Random Shots for Saturday, 26 October 2013

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    Maybe some of our friends at Kirtland AFB can light off some of the special toys that they have stored there – how about a B61 or two?

    After the fireball, overpressure wave and mushroom cloud are over, everyone in Albuquerque will be rich!

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    James, James, James . . . you’re missing the point of the picture and my attached comments

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    Paul Krugman, actually. Gilligan wouldn’t be that stupid

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    Nope. Per Krugman, you’re supposed to burn down the house so you have to pay contractors to rebuild it, as you paying that contractor gets you spending your cash or credit, because without you spending freely, the economy would go into the toilet and society would collapse.

    Never mind that you might have other plans for your funds — new car, new computer, jewelry for the wife, new guns, take that cruise you’ve been looking at online, whatever.

    Forget Jesus, Allah, YHWH, Mises, Bastiat, whoever. Krugman knows best.

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    I propose that IF we’re to fully embrace this aspect of Krugmanism, that we start with Krugman’s home.

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    Back in 2002 / 2003, HP had a plan that they would store any pictures you took with the cameras they made on their servers. Some objected to this, saying that they HP would be in a position to violate the users’ privacy. The late Dan Weiner, former head of Houston Pink Pistols, suggested that you should simply give a few of the cameras to some exhibitionist gay guys who like to take pictures, and let them have at it.

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    Even funnier — the people behind the page you got this from think of Russell Brand as a hero for his recent interview with Jeremy Paxman. Lucky for Brand that the interview wasn’t with Jeremy Clarkson.

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    A better workaround would be a U-Haul trailer.

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    Excellent show tonight! Are there any online archives to which listeners can direct their friends and family? Downloadable podcasts?

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    Tell him where to stick it.

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    Please don’t write all of us guys off because of this one bad example

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    It took me a week to bounce back from one break-up. That being said, a punching bag helps.

    If you have a few drinks to help you cope, be careful as that stuff can take hold quick. Never really had that problem myself, but I’ve known people who have had it.

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    In which county are you considering running for Sheriff? Usually, nominations for county offices are done by the county-level LPNM affiliates. If it’s in Dona Ana, the LPNM doesn’t currently have an active county affiliate there. So the Central Committee meeting on 8 December would be the place to be. See for a map.

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    Don’t bother stomping anything. Use habanero juice instead.

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