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Friday, 25 October 2013

Random Shots for Thursday, 24 October 2013

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    It says I belong in Colorado, but I’m more inclined towards Wyoming.

    If Texas recognized open carry rights and Constitutional carry rights, all it would need to be ideal is some mountains.

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    1. If you want parents to be held accountable, simply send them a bill for the full cost of educating each kid that they have in the system. Meanwhile, people who don’t have kids in the system should not have to pay a penny for that system.
    2. What about overpaid, overrated admin pukes like Winston Brooks, Brad Allison, and Peter Horoschak (sp?)? Why should they get off scot free? Why do they deserve to get pay raises on schedule unless they make drunken, Valium-addled phone calls and faxes to the media? Who evaluates them?

      If Brooks ever says “I’m outta here if I don’t get my raise,” as Allison and Horoschak did, the APS board should simply respond with “OK, good-bye. Don’t let the door hit you on the rear as you leave.”

    3. Let’s not forget how some public schools give out anti-depressants like candy on Halloween.
    4. Dwight commented “but private school or home schooling seem to be the only way to protect our students with the values that WE DID teach them from infancy.” That’s where I’m at presently. Never mind that home schoolers ace the SATs on a regular basis, while publicly issued HS diplomas seem worth less and less every year.
    5. With the possible exception of Howie Morales, the current crop of Democrats who have thrown their hats into the gubernatorial ring make Susana look like a principled genius. Thus I will most likely NOT vote Democrat. Whether or not I vote for a Republican gubernatorial candidate is another story.
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    Seth sez “I guess I have to watch this again, because all I saw on my first viewing was a spastic, brain fried celebrity who might understand half the words he just used.”

    Don’t bother — whatever brain cells he once used for abstract thought were probably fried long ago. What’s left seems to be good for basic life support and not much else. When he tries to use them to string words together in a semi-coherent manner, well . . . you’ve already seen the clip.

    For what it’s worth, I think that FX network showed some good sense for a change when dropped his crappy attempt at regular television content, which should be held up with such viewing highlights as Michael Moore’s /TV Nation/ and W. Kamau Bell’s /Totally Biased/.

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    “One lady from the State broke down and cried, saying ‘this is what all of our schools should be like.'”

    Let me guess — no dope dealers, no molestors, no Ritalin, no Prozac, no one bringing a weapon on the premises and going crazy, no hug-a-thug events, no condom-on-a-cucumber classes, no classes about fisting?

    And the kids actually learn things like math, reading, languages, physics, chemistry, computer programming?

    Yet I’m expected to cheerfully hand over FRNs to APS on demand, regardless of its results (or lack thereof) and its scandals?

    Why is that?

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    Hey, it only took them ∅600,000,000 to build that website. You didn’t build that site. I didn’t build it either — either one of us would have sought out someone competent for a thousandth of what The Big O spent on it.

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    Shredded flag, CCTV camera atop the flagpole. Yep, that’s symbolic of what the Imperial District and its minions in the state capitols want for all of us.

    They are cordially invited to go and bugger themselves and each other (leaving the rest of us alone!) with rusty cast-iron pipes and splintery mop handles.

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    And why can’t they build a website over three years after spending ∅600,000,000 when most people spend a thousandth of that over a few months, yet their sites work just fine?

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