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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Random Shots for Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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    But it’s apparently OK by the victim disarmament crowd, of which O’Malley, Stebbins and De La Cruz are a part of, for the names and addresses of gun owners to be released via the lamestream snoozemedia, making those gun owners a target for burglars and home invaders.

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    I for one support homeschoolers, unschoolers, outfits such as the Khan Academy, etc.

    I will NOT stand /with/ Winston Brooks, Linda Lopez and Gary King, nor /beside/ them. I WILL be more than happy to stand ON them or OVER them, though.

    I ran some searches for “stand4kidsnm” —

    Most of what I’ve found seems to be limited to “We don’t like what Susana Martinez and Hanna Skandera want to do.”

    More details about WHY the Martinez / Skandera plan is worse than the status quo are needed.

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    Twenty years ago, my “Special Problem X” was the space program. Since then, I’ve “grown up” a bit and nothing would make me happier to see every NASA asset sold off to the private sector. Considering the track record of the Bush and Obama Administrations, it seems that will be the ONLY Americans will go to space from this point on.

    But back to 0Care (apologies for the digression) —

    1. If this idea of fascism-based medicine is so great, why don’t its proponents move to the UK, where it’s been in place since the 1950s? Surely the Brits have had time enough to work out all of the bugs by now. Then they can be happy with their “free” medical care, and we Americans can live happily ever after with our medical capitalism and our guns.
    2. Where does the Constitution authorize the Congress and President to create anything like this (or Medicare, or Social Security) ? It doesn’t really, but the Supremes will let just about anything slide using the Commerce Clause if they can divine a “compelling state interest.”
    3. Again, what ever happened to personal responsibility and paying your own way? Or did those concepts become invalid because of the (s)election of The Big O? Pay for your own penis pump (the Pos-T-Vac is covered by Medicare Part D to the tune of ∅500 per unit), erectile dysfunction pills, breast implants, nose jobs, facelifts and botox yourselves. (Or do the rest of us a favor and take a big sip from the botox bottle — get it over with quick.)
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    Here’s CURE NM’s proposal for teacher evaluations

    Looks good so far. We’ll see.

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    And people wonder why I don’t bother with local media much? It really isn’t worth paying for — quite often the comics are the best part. Most often the op-ed page is good for a laugh, but not much else.

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    What’s funny is that Kathy Korte is supporting this along with Winston Brooks, Gary King and Linda Lopez. Last year at the nascent (now defunct) West Side Tea Party meeting I attended, they were saying “We got one of ours (Korte) on the APS School Board.”

    Did the ABQ Tea Party get suckered, is Korte a sap, or some combination?

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    Why stop there? Why not ∅500 an hour?

    Status update
    Jewish Libertarians

    Minimum wage should be $50 an hour. No one would be poor then.

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    Not so — by itself, the objection is simply speech.

    But that doesn’t make the objector any less of an asshole.

    It’s when the objector initiates force or fraud to bolster the objection that the problem occurs.

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    Welcome to one of the Top Ten IT disasters in history.

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    Try this

    I guess they have one of those sites that doesn’t work without the “www.” part. Weird.

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    So originally, 0Care wasn’t about taxation when they needed the votes in Congress to pass it, but John Roberts says it is about taxation so it can pass muster with the Supremes?

    This shambling shithouse welfare state can’t collapse fast enough for my tastes. Let the “clients” eat their EBT cards. I’m sure the mag-stripe has plenty of nutritional value.

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