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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Random Shots for Saturday, 19 October 2013

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  1. Posted to Facebook here, here and here

    New Facebook page by Kat Hodgkinson of the Otero County LP

  2. Posted to Facebook here, here, here and here

    New Facebook page for the Bernalillo County LP

    LP of Bernalillo County, New Mexico Facebook page

  3. Posted to Facebook

    Some notes about Monahan:

    — He doesn’t allow comments on his blog posts.
    — He makes it difficult to link to his blog posts.

    Another “lefty” who views himself as a “visionary” is Jim Baca, former Mayor of Albuquerque

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    Q: “So was our governor wasting taxpayer money with a helicopter flight or are her political opponents making mountains out of molehills?”

    A: Yes.

    The GOP (or Susana PAC, or whoever) could have at least offered to reimburse the State for the costs associated with the helicopter flight.

    Considering the excesses of the previous Democrat administration, perhaps King and Lopez should reconsider playing with high-power lasers in a hall of mirrors.

    What did King ever do as Attorney General to root out corruption during the Richardson Administration? Not much if anything, from what I can tell. And that was part of his official duties as Attorney General.

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    What will the Democrats do when the Koch brothers pass away, or retire from the field? David is 73 years old, and Charles is 77.

    The Koch brothers are right up there with Wal-Mart and McDonalds at the top of their list of those they love to hate.

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    Also teach physics, chemistry, math, computer programming, small arms safety and proficiency, wilderness survival and small-unit tactics.

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    To any female participants in this campaign, PM me for a place to meet up.

  8. Posted to Facebook

    The Bill of Rights. Not explicitly, but if the Amendments are enforced strictly, the difference between that and an explicit prohibition is a matter of fine-tuning

  9. Posted to Facebook

    You’re spot on there, Andrew. I’d add that Soros and Bloomberg most likely also qualify for senior discounts.

  10. Posted to Facebook

    I’d rather vote for Clements than Weh. Just my personal ∅0.02.

  11. Posted to Facebook

    And yet The Blob as Stossel calls it demands more cash from us. Just because.

    “You want ur kidz to gro up STUPID????????”

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    This should be a line on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

  13. Posted to Facebook

    Flamethrowers aren’t regulated at all at the federal level — just go ahead and build one. Ragnar Benson wrote a book back in the 1980s on how to do just that. The title was Breath of the Dragon.

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