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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Random Shots for Friday, 11 October 2013

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    Anthrax — One Man Stands
    Corporate Avenger — Fault The Police (I Don’t), FBI Files, Taxes Are Stealing, Voting Doesn’t Work
    Exodus — Cajun Hell, Changing of the Guard
    Grim Reaper — Rock You to Hell, Lust for Freedom, You’ll Wish That You Were Never Born
    Helloween — I Want Out, Eagle Fly Free, I.M.E.
    Iron Maiden — Running Free, Die With Your Boots On, The Clansman
    Judas Priest — Breaking The Law, (Take These) Chains, Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
    Metal Church — Start the Fire, Burial at Sea, The Spell Can’t Be Broken, Cannot Tell A Lie, The Fight Song
    Metallica — Escape, Damage Inc., Eye of the Beholder, Don’t Tread On Me, King Nothing
    Motley Crue — Fight for Your Rights, Primal Scream
    Nuclear Assault — Brainwashed, When Freedom Dies, Quocustodiat
    Ozzy Osbourne — Rock ‘n Roll Rebel, Crazy Babies
    Overkill — In Union We Stand, Never Say Never
    Savatage — Fight for the Rock
    Sir Mix-A-Lot — No Holds Barred
    Frank Turner — Sons of Liberty
    Twisted Sister — Looking Out for #1
    W.A.S.P. — I Wanna Be Somebody, School Daze, The Last Command, Running Wild in the Streets, I’m Alive, Goodbye America, Unholy Terror / Charisma
    Y&T — Hang ‘Em High

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    Last I heard, some of “his people” (staffers at Adam Vs. The Man) were fighting amongst each other over who got to run things, access to the cash flow, etc.

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    So Dwight, you’re admonishing me because I’m not a willing draftee into being a babysitter by proxy for other people’s kids?

    Whatever happened to personal responsibility, or parental responsibility? Are you tossing those aside when they become inconvenient?

    For what it’s worth, I never claimed to be a conservative myself. I gave up on the GOP in 1994 because of the Republican politicians who supported “gun control” legislation. I never really cared about drugs back then. I’ve been around pot smokers before, and somehow they didn’t seem like the threat you’re insinuating they are. More silly than sinister.

    Hey Andrew, no “group hug” here – I’ve just been called a scammer and con artist, and that insinuation has been reiterated. As far as I’m concerned, Dwight is just another form of lefty – Prohibition was in part a Progressive gig, Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive, etc. Kick me out of this group if you want.

    Anyway, it’s amusingly surrealistic that Dwight here accuses me of working for the Democrats, either knowingly or not, since his beloved Drug Prohibition was created by in large part by Democrats, and is maintained by Democrats:

    1. The Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 (outlawed cocaine) was signed into law by Democrat Woodrow Wilson.
    2. The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which started the current prohibition on pot, was signed by Democrat Franklin Roosevelt.
    3. Pot smoker and possible cokehead Bill Clinton put more dope users in prison that his Republican predecessor.
    4. During the 2008 campaign, Obama promised to shut down raids against medical marijuana clinics and dispensaries, but they’ve done nothing of the sort.
    5. Former NM Attorney General Patsy Madrid prided herself on creating a “meth task force.”
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    “Eyelashes on your headlights?”

    I’ll never be able to get drunk enough to think that one up. I’ll die from alcohol poisoning first.

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