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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Random Shots for Monday, 7 October 2013

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    “Hilarious to see a liberal suddenly get conservative when she gets the bill.”

    The prevailing attitude with “leftist” “liberal” “progressive” types seems to be “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is negotiable (and ultimately mine).”

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    And here I thought that things like donkey shows were bizarre. What do I know?

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    I couldn’t care less about football per se, but now Obummer is pissing off the very people he’s going to need to make any sort of post-October-17th martial law plan stick.

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    The RNC showed exactly what it thought of libertarians and their role in the Republican Party in August 2012 when they announced Romney’s vote totals while ignoring those for Ron Paul, including the states where Paul won (Nevada was a prime example).

    Let’s face it — the Rove / Priebus clique that holds sway over the RNC and the GOP’s state affiliates gives every impression of viewing libertarians as good for nothing where ideas are concerned, but have no problems demanding that those same libertarians give til it hurts, over and over again. “Shut up and go sit in the corner — but you better be there when we need it” was the prevailing attitude from the lamestreamers backing Slick Willard.

    When libertarians balk at being treated like last week’s trash, the GOP lamestreamers cry and whine — “Your either with us or your with the Democrats!!!!!!” and “What, do u really want a Democrat in office???????”

    When a Libertarian Party candidate causes a Republican to lose, they cry and whine about it like they had a property right to libertarian votes, just like any of us has a property right to a bottle of soft drink that we buy from a vending machine.

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    I gave up on The Punisher comics after the “Valley Forge, Valley Forge” arc when the writers killed him and then Marvel brought him back as “Frankencastle.” One reboot too many.

    As for the M4 with attached shotgun – see here

    For a civilian-legal version of the Masterkey system, the overall length of the combination (M4 plus shotgun) would be around 42-43 inches (assuming an 18″ shotgun barrel). I just put my M4orgery “on top” of my Remington 870 to see what it would look like, then used a tape measure.

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    What is it with Marvel and DC that they reboot everything every few years? Is thinking up new characters truly that difficult that they have to reboot the old ones over and over again?

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    “Should we support Martinez? Is she conservative enough?”

    Considering that her idea of resisting Obamacare is to go ahead and implement it, combined with her offer to support HB 77 if it was written as she wanted, I see her at present as Mitt Romney in drag. I await evidence to the contrary.

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    Here’s the thing – Punisher was supposed to be a real-world sort of comic, as in “this could really be happening,” as opposed to the other stuff (Spiderman, Thor, Fantastic Four, Superman, Green Lantern).

    Wasn’t Batman also supposed to be a real-world sort of comic? Bruce Wayne would be in his 80s by now.

    So I’m supposed to suspend my disbelief to see a guy who should be in his 60s, going on 70, humping and jumping all over the place while carrying almost two guys’ worth of weapons, gear and ammo, engaging in CQC on an almost daily basis, etc., etc. ?

    While the stuff from Garth Ennis was pretty good, I was already getting tired of it. My being a libertarian certainly didn’t help them there. Frankencastle was simply the last straw.

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    DC does the same sort of thing, last time I checked. You’re right — characters that are pitched as “real-world” shouldn’t be treated the same as the spandex characters.

    So why can’t writers come up with newer characters?

    It worked for Star Trek — The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager EACH did seven seasons, while The Original Series only did three.

    It worked for Star Wars — Episodes I, II and III pulled in substantial coin, just like IV, V and VI.

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    True. It just seems like laziness to me. Or maybe it’s just my age showing?

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    The only thing missing was the part where the he and the banker set up a printing press in his basement so he could roll his own.

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