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Monday, 7 October 2013

Random Shots for Sunday, 6 October 2013

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    If the government truly is shut down as Obama & Co. allege, then why are they still taking taxes out of my check?

    What’s being labeled as a “shutdown” is a nice start. Now they need to do it harder and faster. They can start by shutting down PBS, as the GOP has been pledging to do since 1994.

    Time for Kentucky Fried Big Bird.

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    Should this be considered fallout from “Breaking Bad” ?

    In any case, he’s lucky he didn’t get shot — either by the homeowner or by APD.

    Albuquerque man breaks into home naked and starts eating cat food

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    Can’t the Imperial District simply hand off the parks, monuments and forests to the states the way it does with welfare-state “safety net” obligations?

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    They chose their side by 1970, if not sooner. Time to create our own workarounds and regard them as good for entertainment venues, and not much else. TLE is an example of such a workaround.

    And the way I like to have fun with them using their own content against them is to simply offer a libertarian spin on what their stories are. It also makes finding things to talk about a bit easier.

  5. Posted to Facebook

    Let’s call Obama what he is – First Extortionist.

    Status update from Americans for Freedom

Listening / Reading / Watching

  1. The New Civil Rights MovementIn Two Cities, Two Men Tried To Light Themselves On Fire
  2. The Free Patriot

         [Watch] Smack Down – MSNBC Anchor Gets Leading Question Shoved Back In Her Face

         Obama Ready To “Shutdown” 16 U.S. States

  3. The Future of Freedom Foundation – The Phony Radicalism of Michael Moore by Sheldon Richman
  4. The Libertarian Republic

         National Weather Service workers broadcast secret message to the American public

         Citizens of Oakland are Crowdfunding a Private Police Force

  5. Adult Swim / Toonami – Cowboy Bebop
  6. FOX 31 KDVR [Denver, Colorado] – Recall effort begins against state Sen. Evie Hudak
  7. The Price of Liberty by Susan CallawayThe Revolution and The Remnant
  8. ABC 9 WFTV [Orlando, Florida] – School suspends child for using finger as pretend gun while playing with friends
  9. The Libertarian EnterpriseIssue 740, 6 October 2013
  10. The Blaze

         Young Ohio Woman Charged With a Daycare Sex Crime That Is Almost Impossible to Fathom

  11.      This Might Be the Last Group You’d Expect to Stage a Protest and Defy a Police Crackdown

  12. ABC 13 KTNV [Las Vegas, Nevada] – Lake Mead property owners forced out until shutdown ends
  13. The Liberty PaperThe Only National Park Untouched By The Shutdown? Obama’s Golf Course
  14. NewsCasticAlbuquerque man breaks into home naked and starts eating cat food
  15. TopTenzTop 10 Living Authors To Carry On Tom Clancy’s Writing Legacy
  16. I, Frankenstein – Official Trailer
  17. Bare Naked IslamCHINA: 22 tons of pig meat sold as halal to Muslims
  18. American ThinkerConfirmation of Paid Democrat Trolls?
  19. Breitbart

         AP: Tea Party Has Unmoored GOP from Big Business

         Some in GOP not heeding old big business allies

  20. American Comeback – Martinez
  21. Dehumanizer by Black Sabbath
  22. io9Meet Prince Rupert’s Drop. It’s about to blow your mind.
  23. Rock My World by Bret Michaels
  24. Freedom OutpostNew Bill Would Ban AR-15 Receivers, Barrels, and any Necessary Parts to Assemble a Semi-automatic Firearm
  25. – Ten For Ward: Ten Star Trek Novels for the New Star Trek Novel Reader
  26. CNN MoneyCash-only doctors abandon the insurance system
  27. Nothing To Do With ArbroathMan who failed to flush arrested for burglary
  28. The Topeka Capitol-Journal [Topeka, Kansas] – Ex-FBI agent’s new thriller involves UFOs, aliens
  29. Yahoo! NewsAP IMPACT: Families hoard cash 5 yrs after crisis
  30. Adult Swim – Aqua TV Show Show, Squidbillies, The Venture Bros.

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