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Monday, 31 December 2012

Random Shots for Sunday, 30 December 2012

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    Just pick up where you left off –

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  3. Re: Let me know what you think!!

    Very good first time posting! As with most anything, the more you do it, the better you get at it.

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    Hey Brits – Maybe we compromise and go halfsies on this – drop the fucker off in the middle of the Atlantic on a raft?

    Or we could set up an exchange program – the US will take in a freedom-loving Brit for every big-government type the UK accepts from here. For starters, in exchange for Morgan, we get Jeremy Clarkson.

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    I’d try a different brand of tablet.

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    Same goes for those total strangers who ask, “Do you have a _____ (quarter, pen, whatever) that I can borrow?”

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    More than likely it will be disavowed – “this was an unscientific poll,” “the poll was spoofed by the NRA,” that sort of thing – then ignored. Of course, if it went the other way (supporting victim disarmament) then it would be hailed as “the voice of the people.”

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    Looks like someone else had the same idea I had – maybe even did a better job – way cool!

    A very interesting representation of data…

    Murder rate vs guns. Each dot represents a country.

    This was put together from data from Wikipedia

    Data for murder rates from here –

    Data for guns per person from here –

    Combined together here –

    Hat-tip: Jeff Nabers

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    A. Had a similar idea myself –

    B. The Google doc linked to above doesn’t seem to be available any more:

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