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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Random Shots for Tuesday, 18 December 2012

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  1. Re: A Gun Control Law That Would Actually Work

    Some of us tried setting up militia organizations back in the 1990s. The anti-gun crowd didn’t waste a second calling us “Nazis” and “racists” – never mind that we had Hispanic, Jewish and black members. We tried to talk to the state and local authorities – the only one that said anything more than “buzz off” was Gov. Gary Johnson.

  2. Posted to my Xanga Chatboard

    @FattiesGonnaFat – So when do I get some anal action from you?

    In response to this:

    @mikewb1971 – I’m shaking in my boots, teatard.

  3. Posted to my Xanga Chatboard

    @FattiesGonnaFat – That’s OK – my spelunking gear needs updating, and I’m out of flour (for finding your wet spot).

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    I would say as soon as you bend over but Im not into herpes.

  4. Posted to my Xanga Chatboard

    @FattiesGonnaFat – My friends seem to think I’m funny. But then, unlike you, their IQs are greater than their shoe sizes. Nor do they leave craters in the ground behind them wherever they walk. So I guess you’ll be moving on now.

    In response to this:

    You’re not even threatening, you’re like a puppy. A really boring, unfunny puppy.

  5. Re: Do you really think

    @CanuckFascist – You’ve already got British-style victim disarmament laws up there in Canada, along with British-style National Health Service. Must be paradise for you. Why are you so concerned about us lowly Americans? As long as we keep our problems south of the border, you have nothing to worry about up there.

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  1. The Atlantic: Re: A Gun Control Law That Would Actually Work

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