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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It’s “Romney AND the Rules Committee”

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Subject: It’s “Romney AND the Rules Committee”
Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2012 21:54:41 MST
To: ABQ C4L, KCUF Media [Y!}, The Weekly Sedition [Y!]
BCC: [71 Republicans, Libertarians, etc.]

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Romney versus the Rules Committee
Date: Tuesday, 28 August 2012 15:42:01 -0400 (EDT)

8/28/2012 1:42 PM:

> It is a curious thing that although I have not yet finished studying the proposed Rules Changes and the many e-mails regarding them, some
> are hastening to condemn Mitt Romney for the rule proposal – despite the fact that all reports state it is the Republican Establishment
> faction of the Rules Committee that is behind the attempt.

I take it that the writer of this message didn’t bother to watch any of today’s C-SPAN coverage of the RNC Circus?

If anything, the GOP’s rules changes were designed to shut out the Ron Paul people, on behalf of Romney.

Maybe this writer missed the parts of the vote count where the various speakers from the state delegations reported their states’ votes, and the lady at the podium repeated the numbers for Romney back to the audience?

What happened there was that the lady repeated ONLY the numbers for Romney. In several instances, Ron Paul got more of a state’s votes than Romney did, but Paul’s votes weren’t repeated back. For example, the Nevada delegation reported 17 votes for Paul and 6 for Romney, yet she only repeated back “6 votes – Romney.”

So when I labeled this a “Coronation Circus” recently, I hit the bullseye:

What About the Coronation Circus in Tampa?

Because of this, a good bit of the Ron Paul people are determined not to vote for Romney. In fact, one of those in the New Mexico delegation contacted me late Friday night for some Gary Johnson bumper stickers and flash cards, so he could pass them out in Tampa. But since Steve Pearce reported that all 23 of New Mexico’s delegation voted for Romney, I have to wonder if there was some last-minute re-arranging of the delegation, specifically to remove those supporting Paul.

Some will switch to supporting Gary Johnson. Others will write in Ron Paul. Still others will either cast a blank (not vote for anyone in the presidential race) or stay home entirely on election day.

> Those who dislike Romney are quick to pass judgement on him without knowing what is actually taking place in D.C. They howl with a sort of
> pathetic despair, toward which one cannot feel any sympathy at all. Such howlers are playing directly into the hands of the Leftists.

I’m not at all “quick to pass judgement” against Romney – I’ve been researching his brand of Big R socialism and mercantilism for the past few months now.

> I’m on the phone a lot with many voters. Some tell terrible stories about what the present economic climate is doing to them. I feel deeply
> for their anger and their plight. And I admire their fortitude. They will vote despite their anguish. Would that the howlers had as much
> gumption and clarity of mind.

It’s not “fortitude,” it’s cognitive dissonance, where you tell yourself that eating from the dumpster is in fact gourmet dining. That way, when you repeat it to others, you really do believe it a bit and thus you’re not really lying.

> This comment from me is to warn my readers not to be taken in by the howlers, not to be swayed by them, not to give up the fight to make
> Romney the next POTUS. Most of all it is to remind us all that we must not give up our commitment to shift the direction of the Republican
> Party toward a free-market, limited government restoration of individual rights.

Seriously – what’s to like about Romney from a “Tea Party” mindset of standing up for free markets, Constitutionally-limited government, individual rights and public-sector fiscal restraint?

Romney as Governor of Massachusetts signed off on an “assault weapons” ban, stumped for the Brady Bill, and helped to socialize health care.

OK, DON’T take it from me.

See what Carla Howell (who ran against Romney for Governor in 2002) said about him:

LP Monday Message: Mitt Romney = Big Government

See this article from Reason magazine:

Consultant in Chief

See what Gun Owners of America has to say:

Where Does Romney Stand Today on the Second Amendment?

Romney signs off on permanent assault weapons ban

> We must be on guard against those who continue to rail against Romney – no matter whether they identify themselves as: “conservatives,”
> “Republicans” or “patriots.” Such individuals will not help our effort to stop this nation from going “Forward” into the abyss of socialism.
> No matter what their protestations, the howlers are attempting to demoralize us with their bad-mouthing of Mr. Romney, with their
> sarcasm and hostility toward him and their obnoxiousness.

Let me shorten this paragraph for you:

“Block up your ears, shut up and do as the RNC tells you.”

> Keep in mind that no matter what your evaluation of Romney – and I personally am coming to value him more highly the more I research him –
> the alternative will make doubly difficult our struggle to restore the ideals our Founding Fathers identified in the Declaration of
> Independence and in our Constitution. It is these ideals that are most important. With Romney we have better odds in our fight.

Romney as a guardian of the ideals set forth in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence? That’s good for a laugh, but not much else.

For example, I’ve noticed that the meme the campaign is pushing is that Obama cut Medicare to fund Obamacare.

How does defending a 1960s-era socialist wealth-redistribution scheme against a 21st-century socialist wealth-redistribution scheme make you a “free marketer” ?

> The Rules Committee Establishment Republicans as best as I can make out, are on a collision course. We need to get rid of them, not a man
> who can benefit this nation far more than the howlers care to consider.

How will Romney “benefit this nation far more,” exactly?

Maybe he’ll re-make Obamacare into a federal version of RomneyCare?

How does that support free-markets and limited government?


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