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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Random Shots for Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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  1. Re: Carla Howell: Mitt Romney = Big Government

    I’ll be voting for Romney because I KNOW its stupid to raise taxes in this economy when we’re needing drastic CUTS in spending instead.

    The whole point of the original article I posted here is that based on Romney’s track record as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney will NOT make anything resembling drastic spending cuts. The Democrats will accuse him of wanting to make “draconian” spending cuts – “slash and burn” will be one of their lines – to which Romney will counter, “We’re simply slowing the rate of growth.”

    This is the same sort of con job that Bob Dole pulled in 1996 when he ran against Clinton. Goodbye and good riddance to Bob Dole from the political scene.

    I remember way, way back when Rush Limbaugh had his syndicated TV show (1992) – the Democrats were saying that they were slashing spending, and Rush countered by showing that all they were doing was trimming projected growth above the previous year’s spending – slowing the rate of growth.

    So why is this sort of fiscal sleight-of-hand good when a Republican does it, but wrong when a Democrat does the same sort of thing?

    I contend that Romney and Obama voters are just like pro wrestling fans – when the other guy cheats and fights dirty, that’s bad, but when their guy smacks the other with a chair, it’s all OK, just because of who their guy is and who the other guy is. PROVE ME WRONG HERE.

  2. Posted to the New Mexico Gun Rights Facebook group

    Why not file harassment charges against these “concerned citizens” who call the cops with their “someone with a gun!” complaints?

    Because if you’re not harming anyone else or displaying any intent to harm others and your only “crime” is walking around in public with an object that these people object to, that’s exactly what this is – harassment.

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  5. Re: Gene’s Nickle: Less Than 80 Days

    Obama had PLENTY of assistance from Republicans in doing damage to America –

    • Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner keeps supporting votes to raise the debt ceiling – what’s the point of having a debt ceiling in the first place if all they’re going to do is raise it every time?
    • Republican Chief Justice John Roberts was the deciding vote in upholding Obamacare in June.
    • Obamacare is a copy-and-paste job from the package put together in 2006 by then-Governor Mitt Romney (Republican).

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