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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Random Shots for Saturday, 23 June 2012

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    Re: posting by “MrDee”, dated 22 June 2012 —

    True censorship on my part would require me to block “MrDee” from posting his comments to this site.

    • I don’t have the required level of access (“permissions”) to the admin settings of this site to block “MrDee” from posting. Last time I checked, it was Max Barnett who had that level of access.
    • I have neither the time nor the inclination to block “MrDee” from posting anything. Including his whining about my “censorship” of his postings.

  2. Re: Headbook: Medical Marijuana Comes Out of the Gray

    Is there any chance that Headbook will spin off a similar general-use site? Facebook and Google are wearing out their welcome.

  3. Re: Happy?

    A few questions here, “RebLem”

    1. Who are (or were) the “normal, sane people” ?
    2. Who are the “racists” ? Why should they be considered “racist” ?
    3. Who are the “paranoids” ?
    4. What are your standards for determining whether someone is a “racist” or “paranoid” versus “normal and sane” ?

    Just asking, is all.

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    The kissing sure doesn’t hurt, though!


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