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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Re: A Policeman’s Lot

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Re: “A Policeman’s Lot” by L. Neil Smith [in this issue]

> I’m getting downright autobiographical these days. I hope it doesn’t
> mean anything. For those I’m BCCing, this item is embargoed until the
> next TLE comes out, although I’m more than willing to discuss it
> privately.

Hell, Neil, I’ve known you used to be a cop since I first read The Probability Broach (November 1996) — it’s mentioned in the back on the page with the one-paragraph biography.

I’m seeing something of a trend here — you were a cop (and Air Force reservist, if I recall correctly), Tom Knapp was a Marine, I spent a few years with the Army ROTC, Army Reserve and National Guard, Aaron Zelman was a Navy corpsman in Vietnam, Stewart Rhodes (Oathkeepers) was an Army paratrooper, Ron Paul was in the Air Force in Vietnam . . .

Do our political proclivities stem from our time spent in the belly of the Beast?

Should this be considered a letter to the editor? I’m OK with that.

If so, I’d like to give an obligatory plug for an organization which is specifically aimed at getting the three out of a hundred cops that you mentioned in paragraph 13 (dare I hope for a fourth and fifth?) to do exactly what you’re calling for:

> keep the solemn promises they made when they signed on, to defend
> the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic (there’s a
> list of illegal orders they won’t obey, and, implicitly, certain
> actions on the part of other officers they’ll interfere with)

That organization is, of course, the Oathkeepers that I mentioned above.

The URL, for any cops (and military personnel) so interested is


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