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Monday, 4 April 2011

Random Shots for 3 April 2011

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  1. Re: Meet Your Next Senator & Congressman

    Apparently, the GOP is favoring a closet socialist in the name of stopping two overt socialists.

    And you wonder why we libertarians think of it as the Star-Spangled Jellyfish.

  2. Re: Meet Your Next Senator & Congressman

    My mistake – I misread the posting and thought that Griego was also running for U.S. Senate. Apologies.

  3. Re: Meet Your Next Senator & Congressman

    Like I’ve said before – better an up-front enemy (Heinrich, Griego) than a backstabber professing friendship (Wilson).

    So as the GOP sweats about Heather in the general election – she might squeak by Heinrich with one or two points – Ron Paul has gotten to the point where the Democrats didn’t bother running anyone against him in 2008, or in 2010.

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